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Chrome feature secretly rolls out, breaking business tools for thousands before Google can fix it

Google's known for regularly tinkering around with its apps through server-side updates, staged rollouts, and A/B testing, all for the sake of improving the user experience. While most of these changes are executed without a hitch, every now and then, something big breaks. Most recently, Google managed to crash the Stable version of the Chrome browser on thousands of business machines without warning.

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[Update: Now in Stable] Chrome tests a grid layout for the tab switcher, but you can disable it

If you're using Chrome on your phone and you suddenly notice that the tab switcher is no longer a scrolling list of cards but a grid, you're not alone. Chrome is testing this new layout — we've received reports of it turning on by default for some users on Dev and Canary. A few seemed to like it, while others weren't all that happy about it. If you're part of the second camp, know that you can easily disable it.

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Google is testing different placements for the new-tab button in Chrome Canary

It's no secret that Google may be planning a "Material Design 2" refresh for Chrome, possibly timed to roll out on or near the browser's 10th birthday in September. The new-tab button is one of the more visible elements that's being tinkered with, and now Google is testing a few different positions for that button via a new flag.

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[Update: New UI in Chrome OS Canary] Google may give Chrome a Material Design 2 facelift for its 10th birthday in September

A reference to "Material Design 2" was noticed in a Chromium Gerrit commit back in February, which was made private soon after it was pointed out. That commit has since been reopened to the public and has changed references to a Material Design update to mentions of a touch-optimized UI for Chrome. There is, however, a hint that Google plans to roll out a Material Design 2 refresh for Chrome on the browser's 10th birthday in September.

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[Update x3: Now in Chrome Dev] Chrome's flags page is getting a makeover

Ever since the first release, Chrome has had a hidden settings page, found at chrome://flags. There, you'll find toggles and switches for hundreds of features in Chrome, ranging from in-progress experiments to completed functionality. But all that time, the page has stayed pretty much the same, progressively becoming harder to use as the number of flags continues to climb.

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Chrome's experimental 'Chrome Home' interface now has bottom tabs and a revamped New Tab page

As you may know, Google often tests new Chrome features in 'flags' - hidden settings that can be enabled or disabled. We first spotted "Chrome Home" in October, which moves Chrome's address bar to the bottom of the screen. This is especially handy for larger screens, but it looks like more changes are coming.

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Chrome Has A Popular Sites Flag So Your New Tab Page Doesn't Look So Lonely And Barren

If you haven't yet filled up your New Tab page with icons from frequently visited websites, then Chrome has the perfect flag for you. Digging into the chrome://flags page, you'll find an option under chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-popular-sites that will pre-populate the New Tab page with eight popular websites so it doesn't look as empty.


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Enable This Flag In Chrome For Android To Move Auto-Fill Content Above The Keyboard

Here's a cool addition to the latest version of Chrome Dev for Android cool feature of Chrome that can be enabled via a special flag (which Google started turning on for some recently): when you tap on a text field that the browser has saved before in auto-fill, the entry or entries will appear in Android's keyboard auto-complete field instead of the browser itself.

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New Experimental Option In Chrome Dev Allows Pages To Be Easily Saved And Accessed Offline

There comes a time in every person's life when he or she needs to access a certain web page and doesn't have an internet connection. Those are troubling times that normally require the individual in question to stay strong and maintain composure until a connection is once again available, but thanks to a new experimental option in the Chrome Dev build for Android, that struggle may be coming to an end.

In the most recent build, there are a couple of new entries in Chrome://flags — Enhanced Bookmarks and Saved Pages — that will allow users to easily save pages for offline viewing, then make them quickly accessible via a new menu option called "Saved Pages" (makes sense, eh?).

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Chrome Dev v46 Includes New Flag For A Smoother Page Loading Status Bar Animation

Buried in the flags of the latest release of Chrome Dev, v46, is a toggle that allows you to tweak the progress bar animation that you see when loading webpages. The default setting is equivalent to "disabled," but you can try it out and see how it looks.

Screenshot_2015-08-13-11-21-54 Screenshot_2015-08-13-11-22-07

There are now 4 different options: disabled (which is default), linear, smooth, and fast start. Disabled just leaves things the way they have been for a while. Fast start is like smoother but is set to work faster in the first portion of the page load and slower as it completes.

Smooth, as you might expect, is basically the default animation but at a higher framerate that will look more appealing.

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