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[Computer! Hey Wazzzuuupp?] Control Your Phone From Your Windows, Mac, Or Linux With AutoVoice's New Chrome Extension

João Dias, also known as joaomgcd on the Play Store, is one of those developers who are never, ever, content with the current capabilities of modern smartphones. He wants them to be more powerful, respond to more commands, allow more interactions, all from more interfaces. His AutoVoice app has been available for a while, allowing you to harness the OK Google interaction scheme to automate plenty of new actions and issue commands that Google's default algorithms don't yet understand.

Now AutoVoice is getting a lil' sister app, an AutoVoice Chrome extension for your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Thanks to it, you can perform the same actions on your phone, but while sitting at your computer (or from another phone too), like taking screenshots, sending messages, hanging up on calls, and more. João

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Google Calendar Chrome Extension Gets Material In Version 2.0

Some of you wanted AP 2.0 to be all Material Design and FABs and circle avatars and cards. While we can't do that, here's another 2.0 update that might quell the Material need burning within you. Google Calendar's chrome extension recently got a bump to 2.0 and it's exactly what you want it to be.


If you're rejoicing from the overdose of MD in Google Calendar on your Android phone, you probably shuddered every time you opened the extension on your browser and saw those archaic design elements still being used. With v2.0, the extension should look in line with your Android experience, displaying your upcoming events and making it easy to add new ones from the pages you're browsing.

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Latest Pushbullet Update Allows You To Activate Android's Rich Notification Buttons On The Desktop

The developers at Pushbullet seem to have some kind of strange compulsion that forces them to add cool new stuff to their Android-desktop syncing and notification app on a regular basis. Not that we're complaining - PushBullet is a personal favorite of many of us here at Android Police. Today it gets a little better still: the latest update to the Android app and various browser extensions adds the action buttons from Rich Notifications to the mirrored alerts on the desktop.


Android doesn't actually have a formal name for these - they're the contextual buttons that appear on some notifications when you expand them.

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Pushbullet Update Brings Copy & Paste Feature To The Chrome And Firefox Extensions, A Few Other Enhancements

You guys love Pushbullet, right? If not, it's probably because you haven't used it. This is easily one of the most powerful utilities available on Android, and definitely one worth having installed. And as of today, it's getting even more powerful (or convenient, at least).

As you probably already know, the guys behind Pushbullet never sleep. I've asked them how they seem to gogogo all the time, but they're not giving up on any secrets. Bummer. Anyway, they brought universal copy & paste to the app a while back, but it had one quirk: it required the Windows app to be installed.

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Pushbullet's Chrome Extension Can Now Push To All Devices At Once, Firefox Support Coming Once Mozilla Speeds Things Along

The Pushbullet folks have pushed out an update not to the Android app, but to the Chrome extension, that expedites the whole file pushing process. Now when the need arrives to push a file to all of the devices under your account, instead of sending them off one at a time, the extension will let you target all the things. This is functionality that the Android app and the Pushbullet website already have, so consider this more of a step towards feature parity across the board.

2014-07-30_22-02-31 Screenshot_2014-07-30-22-07-50

Chrome, left. Android, right.

With dismissals synced across devices, this means users can send a file to everything they own and choose which one to consume it on later without having to deal with a flood of notifications.

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[Deal Alert] Install Amazon's 1Button Chrome Extension For $5 Off Your Next Purchase Of $25 Or More (US Only)

Admit it, you love to save a few bucks if the opportunity comes along, especially if it requires almost no effort. That should make Amazon's latest promotion pretty attractive to most of our readers. All you have to do is install the Amazon 1Button App for Chrome, and the next time you spend $25 or more, you will receive an automatic $5 discount on the purchase price. How can you pass this up?

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 6.24.24 AM

Naturally, this is Amazon, so there are three restrictions to pay close attention to. First of all, the offer is only available to those who have never installed the 1Button app before.

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Pushbullet 13.2 Fully Syncs Desktop Chrome's Notification Center With Your Android Notification Drawer

The latest update to the immensely useful Pushbullet app introduces the ability to fully sync your Android device's notification drawer with Chrome on your computer. Previously, users could only watch phone or tablet notifications pop up on their desktop, with a recent version adding the ability to dismiss them from either device. Now Chrome's notification center will fully sync up with your phone's drawer, allowing you to manage alerts even after they've faded from the screen.

Pushbullet1 Pushbullet2

You can access the Chrome Notification Center by clicking on the bell icon in your computer's taskbar or system tray. The notifications it lists retain all of the options introduced in the previous Pushbullet update, such as the aforementioned ability to dismiss them from both devices and the choice to disable future mirroring of specific apps.

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