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Google extension enables picture-in-picture for Chrome OS version 72

When you're watching a video from a site, such as YouTube, you might want to do something else and navigate to other tabs while not missing out on what you were watching. That's where picture-in-picture comes in handy as it allows the video to be pushed to a mini-player on your screen so you can do other stuff.

The feature has been in the works for the Chrome browser for a while and is enabled by default as of version 70 for Mac, Windows, and Linux. For Chrome OS, you'd need to manually set a flag to enable picture-in-picture, which didn't always work.

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Google is trying to make Chrome extensions safer

As Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Browser extensions can be incredibly powerful tools, but many of them demand full access to all web pages. Stories about popular extensions stealing user data or running cryptocurrency miners have become all too common. Google today announced a series of upcoming changes to Chrome extensions, some which aim to make them more trustworthy.

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Grammarly for Chrome starts rolling out Google Docs beta support to all users

When you're writing a lot, whether for your education or profession, it's easy to make mistakes, whether they be typos or straight up grammar errors. One of the more popular services to catch problems or offer suggestions for writing improvement is Grammarly. There's already a Chrome extension for it (in addition to the dedicated editor), but now all users will be able to get writing help right in Google Docs. 

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Google blocks crypto mining extensions from Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is a hotbed of sketchy browser extensions, with seemingly little intervention from Google (except for the occasional crack-down). The company already takes down extensions that secretly mine cryptocurrency, but now it is going a step further. Starting today, all extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be barred from the Chrome Web Store.

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Toolbox for Google Play Store, our Chrome extension for enhancing the Play Store, is now available on Opera

Back in December, we announced Toolbox for Google Play Store, a Chrome extension designed to improve the Play Store desktop site. It adds integration with several sites (including Android Police, Appbrain, and APKMirror), easy access to join/leave an app's beta program, and even fixing the '&' symbol not being displayed correctly in your device list. All of these features can be turned on or off individually.

I'm excited to announce that Toolbox is officially available for Opera.

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Joaomgcd's Join app gets voice control powers from Chrome in the latest update

João Dias, better known online by his handle Joaomgcd, is one of the most prolific indie developers around. In addition to his work on a smorgasbord of Tasker plugins, he's also released Join, a Pushbullet alternative that allows sending commands to your phone via a Chrome extension on a nearby PC. The latest update to the extension adds voice control, so users can "push" links to Android or perform other tasks with a Star Trek-style voice command. It even uses "Computer" as the prompt - classy.

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[Pretty cool] You can now add Chrome extensions from your Android device to your desktop's Chrome

I know how badly you want to be able to use extensions on Chrome for Android, and you maybe skimmed the title of this post thinking this might be it, but I'm sorry to disappoint you. It isn't. Chrome extensions are still limited to desktop versions of the browser, not mobile ones, despite how many prayers we all say each night for the contrary.

But here is what this post is really about. You know how sometimes you may get a link to a Chrome extension either from a search result or while browsing or even from some friend who thinks you'll really enjoy it?

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T-Mobile's Offbeat Chrome Extension Replaces "AT&T" With "The DeATTh Star" On All The Sites You Visit

Love it or hate it, T-Mobile's crusade against other wireless carriers, has given us a lot of chuckles, maybe some good laughs, and probably a healthy dose of groans and cringes. This last attempt, I think, falls on the innocuous side of the equation, quirky enough to be interesting for us to cover without being too distasteful or annoying.

Writing on T-Mobile's blog, John Legere compared AT&T to the Evil Empire and cited its dark methods of detaining customers and its pathological need to dominate and control and keep everything secret as the reason why its powers are akin to the Death Star.

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Google Keep Now Shares Links As New Notes, Creates Labels Using Hashtags, Gains An Official Chrome Extension, And More [APK Download]

Keep may not be the simplest form of digital note-taking, but it's pretty close. Today Google has announced a few additions that make the service quicker to access.

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[Hands-On] Join Is A Neat Beta Pushbullet Alternative From Joaomgcd

Around the Android corners, joaomgcd is known for his automation tools, most of which rely on heavy Tasker integration and require a level of tinkering that most of us lazy people can't bother with. So when Joao released his new app Join and the featureset seemed to closely mirror Pushbullet's upon close inspection, I was intrigued. Not just because of Pushbullet's latest switch to Pro plans, but because the main selling point of the service was its simplicity. That has not been Joao's strong suit — at least through a newbie's eyes, his apps always seemed a little too overwhelming.

So could Join break the mould and stand out as a capable and simple alternative to Pushbullet?

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