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Google Updates 'A Journey Through Middle-earth' Chrome Experiment With Multiplayer Peer-To-Peer Battles

When you've already created a browser-based interactive experience that lets players explore a 3D recreation of various locales spread throughout Middle-earth, how do you up your game? You add multiplayer. At least, that's what Google's decided to do. The company has updated its "A Journey Through Middle-earth" Chrome experiment with the ability for players to challenge each other to a bout of Hobbit-inspired fun.

Google developers designed the game using web technologies such as WebRTC and WebGL.

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Google Chrome's Newest Game Experiment, Kick With Chrome, Makes The Cardinal Sin Of Calling It "Soccer"

Looking to kick back and kill a few minutes this afternoon / evening / morning / whatever time it is where you are? Google's got a brand-new set of football-themed mini-games out via the Kick with Chrome experiment today.


The games include Infinite Dribble, Space Kick, and Shootout. Shootout is actually a multiplayer penalty-shot game, so that one could be fun with friends. Infinite Dribble is a tilt-based endless... dribbler, and Space Kick is a sort of vertical platformer.

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