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Chrome OS will soon preserve window positions across displays when disconnecting and reconnecting an external monitor

Back when Chrome OS was first made public, people would often dismiss it as "just a browser" on a laptop. Fast forward to 2018, and while Chrome OS might not be able to perform every single task a full-fledged desktop computer can, it can certainly handle essentially anything an average user would need. Today, Chrome OS is able to run Android apps, work offline, and even do boring desktop stuff like change the wallpaper.

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New Experimental Option In Chrome Dev Allows Pages To Be Easily Saved And Accessed Offline

There comes a time in every person's life when he or she needs to access a certain web page and doesn't have an internet connection. Those are troubling times that normally require the individual in question to stay strong and maintain composure until a connection is once again available, but thanks to a new experimental option in the Chrome Dev build for Android, that struggle may be coming to an end.

In the most recent build, there are a couple of new entries in Chrome://flags — Enhanced Bookmarks and Saved Pages — that will allow users to easily save pages for offline viewing, then make them quickly accessible via a new menu option called "Saved Pages" (makes sense, eh?).

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