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Trusted Web Activities will help Android apps natively integrate web content

There are cases when content can't be embedded into an application, such as a credit card payment verification, and developers need to direct users to an external page. They can do this by using the device's default browser, WebView, or Chrome Custom Tabs (CCT) depending on their need. None of these are ideal in terms of user experience, however, as they would either have limited functionality or show the site's URL on the screen. Google is looking to solve this with the introduction of Trusted Web Activities (TWA), which are essentially full-screen web pages integrated into an application, without displaying the URL or other browser-related interface elements.

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Google app v8.23 beta is upgrading the floating sports tracker, adds a new collection for experiences, and more [APK Teardown]

Like clockwork, the latest beta release of the Google app began rolling out just about the time the developers are headed out for the weekend. We've yet to see any live changes on this release, but there are some interesting additions to be found in a teardown. The floating sports tracker bubble appears to have some enhancements coming just in time for the Fall schedule, there are small additions to Collections and Google Assistant for Households, and a previously spotted General settings screen is growing larger

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Facebook app transitioning to Chrome Custom Tabs from external link opening

Whenever I get a new phone, one of the first things I do after installing all of my apps is head into the Facebook app settings and enable the 'Links open externally' toggle. However, Facebook may finally be adopting Chrome Custom Tabs, three years after Google first announced them.

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Chrome Beta 65 removes flag that opens all app links as Chrome Custom Tabs

If you open links in some Android apps, and you have Chrome enabled as your default web browser, the page might be opened in a 'Chrome Custom Tab.' Instead of starting up the whole app, only a minimal browser UI is shown, with a large close button that takes you right back to the previous app. This feature requires the app open links a certain way, and as such, there have always been some apps that don't support Custom Tabs.

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Chrome Beta 58 adds support for full-screen Progressive Web Apps, minor UI changes, and tweaks to Custom Tabs [APK Download]

Chrome 58 has graduated to beta status, moving one step closer to the stable channel. This time around, Google has been working on new features for Progressive Web Apps (and normal sites), improvements to Chrome Custom Tabs, and more.

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Chrome 58 Dev adds ability to open Custom Tab links in new Chrome tabs

Chrome 57, which is currently in Beta, brings all the normal tab controls to Chrome Custom Tabs. Chrome 58 is taking that a step further with the ability to open Custom Tab links in a new Chrome tab - a notable improvement over how Custom Tabs currently handle links.

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Chrome Beta 57 adds full tab controls to Chrome Custom Tabs

Chrome Custom Tabs were introduced back in 2015, as a way for applications to open pages in Chrome without the slow process of actually opening the Chrome app. Custom Tabs load quickly, retain the color of the host app, and can open the page in the full Chrome browser easily.

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Allo v5.0 prepares to give personalized sticker packs based on selfies and adds support for Chrome Custom Tabs [APK Teardown + Download]

The Allo v5.0 update is rolling out to chatters around the world. In terms of features you can touch and play with today, the only addition appears to be support for Chrome Custom Tabs. Taking a look at a teardown shows there's a new, personalized, custom-generated sticker pack in the works. As usual, we've got a download link at the bottom for those of you that aren't willing to wait for this to roll out normally.

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Chrome Dev starts handling opening of all links as new "Elderberry" flavor Chrome Tabs, loses all other flavors

Back in April, after Google pulled the option of having tabs and apps merged in Recents, it became apparent that the Chrome team was trying to work out how to move forward. The team placed a new flag in Chrome Dev 52, #tab-management-experiment-type, with five 'flavors' of tab management: Asine, Basil, Chive, Dill, and Elderberry. In Chrome Dev 54, this has now come to a head, with Elderberry being the only option remaining.

A lot of apps have built-in link handling with Chrome Custom Tabs - we're all so used to this now that we hardly think about it.

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Chrome Dev v52 Is Rolling Out With Our First Look At The New 'Herb' Tab Management [APK Download]

Google has nearly completed the process of removing the merged apps/tabs option from Chrome after the option was pulled from the recent beta build. But what comes next? The Chromium bug tracker hinted at a new feature called Herb in Chrome v52, and indeed, there are several flavors of Herb in the new dev update.

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