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Chrome Beta 65 removes flag that opens all app links as Chrome Custom Tabs

If you open links in some Android apps, and you have Chrome enabled as your default web browser, the page might be opened in a 'Chrome Custom Tab.' Instead of starting up the whole app, only a minimal browser UI is shown, with a large close button that takes you right back to the previous app. This feature requires the app open links a certain way, and as such, there have always been some apps that don't support Custom Tabs.

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Google app is testing "Saved" pages in the side menu and a new bookmark icon in Custom Tabs

In its perpetual move toward making our lives as Android journalists impossible, Google has started rolling out a new test in the Google app. As always, I'm calling it "new" because this is the first time that I recall seeing this among the thousands of tips we receive, but it could have been showing up for some users for a lot longer. This one involves Google's integration of its new "saved" images, places, and pages in the mobile Android app.

But first, let's clear a couple of things. The "Saved" icon started rolling out in Google's mobile site as part of a new sidemenu around the beginning of August.

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[APK Download] Chrome Beta 45 Adds Custom Tabs Feature That Was Previewed At I/O 2015, Better Media Controls, And More

Google announced an upcoming Chrome feature called Custom Tabs at I/O back in May. Today, that feature is finally launching on the Chrome Beta channel, and we've got the APK.

Custom Tabs are basically a pop-out web-view that apps can utilize to show users web pages in Chrome (where your passwords and other items are saved!) without actually fully leaving the app. This can make apps that require web-based authorization for sign-in or simply have lots of external web links a lot more convenient to use, and avoids having to use a full-on built-in webview mode that lacks all your synced Chrome information.

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