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Chrome v41 Includes Privacy-Friendly Flag To Reduce Referrer Information In HTTP Headers

A new flag added to Chrome v41, currently in beta, reduces the information about referring websites shared with others as you browse the web. The default behavior, without the flag enabled, is to pass along the website you clicked from when you browse to a new page. This feature will make the referring information sent along to websites less specific when you go from one domain to another.


Knowing your referring website can reveal a fair amount of information about you.

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[Nom Nom No] Chrome Beta Now Lets You Disable Third-Party Cookies While Still Allowing First-Party Ones

Tucked inside yesterday's Chrome Beta update to v41 was a handy new feature for privacy-minded users and everyone who likes to practice safe web browsing. Although we updated the post with the feature, we thought it better to highlight it again in a separate article.

If you head to Chrome Beta's Settings, under Site Settings, you'll find that the Cookies option has been switched from one check box to become its own subset of options.

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Chrome Beta Updated To v41 With Pull To Refresh And Some Settings Tweaks [APK Download]

Google has seen fit to bestow upon us this evening Chrome Beta v41. This version of Chrome will add pull to refresh to almost all web pages. No more will there be wailing and gnashing of teeth due to the lack of an easily accessible refresh button. There's some other stuff too, but how 'bout that refresh?

2015-01-28 20.51.48 Screenshot_2015-01-28-17-53-04 Screenshot_2015-01-28-18-02-23

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Chrome Beta v40 Has New Zoom Behavior That Makes Fixed Headers Scrollable, Less Aggravating

While it might be hard to understand this latest change to Google Chrome at first, you will be very happy once you grasp it. On mobile, websites that have fixed elements - that is, headers or other content that stays in the same place on your screen regardless of which part of the page you are on - can be very annoying. This is especially true when you zoom in, because you often can no longer see the entire element.

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Tip: Chrome Beta On Tablets Now Has An Easy Way To Close All Tabs


Have you ever let the number of tabs in Google Chrome get out of hand? A nifty trick has popped up in Chrome Beta's tablet interface, now making it simple to deal with a large amount of tabs. Simply press and hold on the "X" you would normally use to close a single tab, and you will be prompted with a small dialogue that says "Close all tabs." Hit that and you have a clean slate.

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Chrome Beta Updated To v40 With Larger Address Bar Containing Overflow Button, New Bookmark Manager In Flags, And More [APK Download]

Google has seen fit to grace us with a nice little Chrome Beta update this update Wednesday. if you're on Lollipop, you'll immediately notice one thing in particular—the address bar now goes all the way across the screen, but only if you have a certain setup. You'll have to dive into the flags for the rest, but it might be worth it.

2014-12-03 21.25.33 2014-12-03 21.26.25 2014-12-03 21.51.23

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Latest Chrome Beta Fixes The Floating Window Bug On Certain ROMs [APK Download]

It's not Google's job to account for all the quirks of custom ROMs, but there's been one pervasive bug that has driven some users up a wall in recent weeks. Chrome would render in a bizarre little floating window on ROMs like Paranoid Android. The latest Chrome Beta release fixes that, and you can grab it below.

2014 - 1 2014 - 2

Left: broken, Right: not broken

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Minor Chrome Beta 39 Update Tweaks Undo Tab Close Option And Hides Reader Mode In The Flags Menu

Update: As commenters have pointed out, the undo close tab option has been available before now - it's just the look that has changed. I've updated the screenshots to reflect this.

The beta edition of Chrome for Android is getting a small update before the changes go into the primary release. The biggest new addition in version 39.0.2171.37 is an "undo closed tab" option. When you swipe away a tab on the "all tabs" page, a contextual menu will appear at the bottom allowing you to instantly bring it back.

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Chrome Beta 38 Adds Touch To Search Option, 'Merge Tabs And Apps', New API Support, And Some Killer Bugs [APK Download]

Version 37 of Chrome for Android was the biggest update in a while, at least in terms of user experience, but the march of progress never ceases. Version 38 just hit the Play Store, and while it's not exactly earth-shattering, people who obsess over the bleeding edge of Google browsers will find something interesting. According to the Chrome release blog, the new update includes additional Material Design user interface elements and new support for Android's battery status and screen orientation APIs.

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Latest Lastpass Update Fixes Broken Autofill In Chrome Beta

If you were a Lastpass Premium user before earlier today, you may have noticed something peculiar: the latest Chrome Beta update broke autofill. This was especially obnoxious if you used the feature frequently, but today we deliver good news: Lastpass fixed it.


Apparently the feature was killed in Chrome when Google patched a bug that allowed any app to open a web page and silently load JavaScript, which is potentially dangerous.

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