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Google Chrome's overflow menu is about to get easier to navigate

Google Chrome's overflow menu on Android has been rather hard to navigate for ages — it mostly consists of text-only entries, so whenever you try to find something in it without relying on muscle memory, you're forced to read through every single label. Google seems to recognize this problem, as it's experimenting with a redesigned menu in Chrome Beta that groups the entries and adds icons to each of them.

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Chrome Beta 86 rolls out Native File System API, makes changing stolen passwords easier, and more (APK Download)

Just last week, Chrome 85 rolled out to the stable branch across desktop and mobile platforms, with a heap of interface changes and new developer features. Chrome 86 has now graduated to the Beta Channel, and it mostly focuses on new capabilities for web developers. Let's jump right in!

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Chrome lets you check for compromised passwords in recent Android Canary release

Chrome has had its password check feature for a while, but it isn't quite the same across platforms. The Android version of Chrome is starting to approach parity with the desktop version when it comes to password security, though, as a couple of features spotted in testing on a recent Canary release bring the desktop "check passwords" feature and "safety check" to Android.

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Chrome 86 will disable Autofill on insecure forms

Autofill makes life easy in an internet full of sign-up forms, but some of those forms can be nasty little — well, some of them are quite lengthy — things that can spill private information all over the place. Starting in Chrome 86, Google's browser will prevent users from utilizing Autofill if the form transmit through an unsafe path.

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Google Chrome tests spammy notifications reminding you to use it

If you have a Windows PC, you're probably familiar with Microsoft's aggressive marketing tactics when it comes to its browser. The company automatically adds Edge to your taskbar after some updates, and it even sends you popups when you still won't use its Internet Explorer successor. It looks like Google is considering to introduce a similarly aggravating "feature" to Chrome for Android, as 9to5Google found out. It's working on push notifications that encourage you to use its browser when you haven't opened it in a while.

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Chrome working on a Read Later feature for desktops, 3 years after it added it on iOS

For more than three years, you've been able to save articles for later via Chrome on iOS. Google never cared to introduce the feature on other platforms, but it looks like that's about to change rather soon. An entry spotted in the Chromium Gerrit (via Techdows) shows that the company is working on bringing a Read Later feature to Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

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Google Chrome 86 will get a LiteVideos mode that forces SD quality clips

Google Chrome has helped you save precious data for a long time with its data saver that eventually turned into the Lite mode we know today. As reported by TechDows, Google seems to be working on a Lite mode that extends to videos, making them play in SD quality.

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Google might bring Android 11's improved media controls to Chrome

Google has been hard at work on updated media controls on Android 11, which not only moves the controls to the Quick Settings bar (as opposed to being displayed as a notification), but also adds an easily-accessible menu for switching audio outputs. The latter feature might arrive in Chrome soon, according to work being done in the open-source Chromium project.

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Chrome 86 removes the last remaining website forced dark mode flag

Google has been working on a forced dark mode for Chrome on Android, giving each and every website a black-and-gray makeover, regardless of whether it has a native dark theme or not. Over the last year, the company has poured tons of resources into making this a great experience, but it looks like the developers aren't happy with how the feature is coming together. All options to enable forced dark theme have been removed from the latest Canary build of Chrome for Android, version 86.

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