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Hack the planet in style with the new Linux Terminal in Chrome OS 84

Google has been ramping up the Linux environment on Chrome OS lately, with features like microphone support and USB connections. For those of you who spend a lot of time in the command-line Terminal, Chrome OS 84 has updated the app with new themes and customization options.

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Chrome 83 is crashing on some Asus phones, but a fix is on the way

Chrome 83 started rolling out to desktop and mobile platforms earlier this week, and while there were quite a few new features, it seems some bugs also slipped in undetected. The new update has been crashing on some Asus-made phones and tablets, but Google says a fix is on the way.

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Chrome 83 introduces new privacy features, revamps form controls, and more (APK Download)

Chrome V82 was skipped entirely, due to scheduling issues resulting from the engineering team working from home, but releases are starting to go back to normal. Chrome 83 entered beta last month, and now it has graduated to the stable channel with plenty of improvements in tow.

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Chrome Beta rolls out support for tab groups on desktop platforms, for real this time

Some features in Chrome seem to be cursed to never fully roll out. The bottom-bar 'Duet' mobile interface has been in development for over two years at this point, and support for tab groups on the desktop has been rolled out and pulled back more times than I can count. Thankfully, it seems like tab groups are finally going live, for real this time.

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Chrome Beta 83 revamps form controls, blocks downloads from sandboxed content, and more (APK Download)

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown a wrench in Chrome's release schedule. Chrome 82 was skipped entirely, and even though v83 is now in beta, it's definitely one of the smallest updates we've seen in a while. Nevertheless, there are some new changes worth talking about.

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Google Chrome and Chrome OS releases are paused due to coronavirus (Update: Unpaused)

For the past few years, a new Chrome release has occurred every six weeks, with changes coming to Chrome OS shortly afterward. However, the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has caused many companies to delay or scale back product releases, and it seems Chrome is no exception.

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