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Samsung Internet 10 enters beta with newer Chromium base [APK Download]

Samsung Internet is one of the best web browsers available for Android, thanks to its speedy Chromium-based engine and impressive feature base. Version 9.4 arrived last month, and now a beta release of Samsung Internet v10 is now available.

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Chrome 71 brings web apps to the Android share menu

Slowly but surely, Chrome is trying to converge native and web apps. Chrome 71 came out a few days ago on Android, but one new feature flew under the radar — web apps can now appear in the system share menu.

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Chrome 71 includes Duet UI tweaks, changes to autoplay, new APIs, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 70 was a relatively minor release (at least when it came to user-facing changes), and it seems like Chrome 71 is much the same. The latest version of Chrome is now rolling out to desktop platforms and Android, with a few noteworth changes — particularly involving the 'Duet' interface and autoplay.

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Linux apps in Chrome OS won't get proper sound and graphics support until December (at the earliest)

One of my favorite announcements from Google I/O was Linux app support for Chromebooks. Starting with Chrome Dev 68, you can install Android Studio, Wine, Git, Visual Studio Code, and thousands of other Linux applications on the Pixelbook. The company didn't reveal many details at the time, but now we know a bit more about how it works and when to expect it.

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