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Chrome is using 10-13% more RAM because of Spectre mitigation efforts

If you feel like Chrome's been using more RAM on the desktop client since the v67 release a month back, good news: you're not going crazy! Bad news: it definitely is using more RAM (again, on the desktop).

That's because of an advanced new security feature the Chromium team has rolled into the latest version of Google's infamously memory-hungry browser, known as Site Isolation. I'll spare you the technical details, but the short of it is that because of the growing number of memory leak vulnerabilities being exposed as part of the Spectre and Meltdown flaws, the Chrome team has decided to enable Site Isolation by default in Chrome on the desktop as of version 67.

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Tip: You can collapse the 'Articles for you' recommendations in Chrome's new tab page

Chrome's new tab page has been showing article recommendations it thinks are interesting to you for quite a while now. Some users find them useless and full of clickbait links, others see some good articles in the mix. If you feel like your new tab page is cluttered by them and you want to clean it up without completely disabling the recommendations, there's a Chrome flag to do just that.

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Chrome OS 67 stable is rolling out with improved PWAs, more Material Design, and split-screen for tablets

The last major version update of Chrome OS (66) to hit the stable channel didn't really have any game-changing new features, although it did include magic tether support for more devices and external display improvements. Chrome OS 67 has now landed in stable, and it looks to be a more interesting update to the system that runs on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

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Chrome 67 brings Progressive Web Apps to the desktop, adds experimental WebXR API for VR/AR content, and more [APK Download]

Almost a full month after the beta version was released, Chrome 67 is now available on Android and desktop platforms. This version includes the long-awaited desktop Progressive Web App support, as well as a new experimental tab switcher and several new APIs for developers.

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Chrome 67 Beta includes WebXR API for VR/AR content, experimental tab switcher, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 67 Beta is now available for Android, about two weeks after the stable release of Chrome 66. The main attraction in this version is WebXR, the upgraded WebVR API that supports augmented reality content. There's also a new tab switcher UI hidden behind a flag, and some other minor improvements.

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