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How to customize Chrome's terrible New Tab page

Back in Chrome 54, Google replaced Chrome for Android's New Tab page with a new design that prominently featured suggested content - much like Google Now's feed. To quote Douglas Adams, "This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." Switching to the old design was possible by disabling a few Chrome flags, but the recent Chrome 58 update removes this ability.

If you're not a fan of Chrome's cluttered New Tab page, there are a few workarounds you can try to make it a bit more usable. You can even mix and match features to create a more personalized design.

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Chrome 58 improves Custom Tabs and Progressive Web Apps, breaks sites using certain HTTPS certificates, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 58 was just released on the desktop a few days ago, and in speedier fashion than usual, Chrome 58 for Android is now available. This update focuses on improvements to Chrome Custom Tabs and Progressive Web Apps, includes dozens of minor improvements, and blocks HTTPS/SSL certificates from certain certificate providers.

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Chrome Beta 58 adds support for full-screen Progressive Web Apps, minor UI changes, and tweaks to Custom Tabs [APK Download]

Chrome 58 has graduated to beta status, moving one step closer to the stable channel. This time around, Google has been working on new features for Progressive Web Apps (and normal sites), improvements to Chrome Custom Tabs, and more.

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Chrome 58 Dev adds ability to open Custom Tab links in new Chrome tabs

Chrome 57, which is currently in Beta, brings all the normal tab controls to Chrome Custom Tabs. Chrome 58 is taking that a step further with the ability to open Custom Tab links in a new Chrome tab - a notable improvement over how Custom Tabs currently handle links.

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Chrome Dev 58 seemingly removes option to disable New Tab page recommendations

Until Chrome 54, the New Tab page only showed a grid of commonly-visited pages and quick shortcuts to Bookmarks and Recent tabs. Then the shortcuts were removed, and replaced with a list of recommended articles (much like Google Now/Google Feed). I wasn't a fan of the change, and the comments on that post indicated many of you were not either.

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WebAssembly is enabled by default in Chrome 58, gives web apps more processing power

Most of the interactive content you see on the web (besides Flash) is powered by JavaScript, initially created by Netscape Navigator developers in 1995. As with the rest of the internet, it has grown and changed a good deal since then, but it's not perfect. JavaScript is a high-level language, meaning basic functions like garbage collection are handled by the JavaScript VM. WebAssembly has been in the planning stages for years, as an alternative to JavaScript for low-level applications, and it is now enabled by default in Chrome Canary 58.

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