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Google fixes annoying page jumps in Chrome with page anchoring

This has happened to me more times than I can count - I'm trying to read an article, but the page continues to load in more content, constantly shifting my position on the page. This is far more annoying on mobile, where your screen space is limited, but it is a problem on the desktop as well. Google has been working to address this problem with 'page anchoring.'

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Chrome 56 adds official Web Bluetooth API support, New Tab page changes, experimental WebVR, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 56 is the first release of 2017, and like always, it has a fair amount of new features for both users and web developers. This release is focused primarily on Web Bluetooth and improvements to Android Pay on the web (through the Web Payments API), so let's dig in and have a look.

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PSA: Chrome Dev allows you to modify recommended sites or articles, sort of

Many weren't happy with the change that shows recommended sites and articles in Chrome 54 - Android Police team members included - and while I personally do not mind them, I can see why you would prefer not to have Google recommend stuff you may not like.

In light of this, Chrome developer evangelist François Beaufort has come to the rescue. A new Chrome internals page, in the latest builds of Chrome Dev, allows modification of the recommended sites and articles, at least somewhat. chrome://ntp-tiles-internals controls what is shown on the page, with an update button to update the popular sites and function to change the region you get sites from (for example, I'm in the UK so I see the UK versions of sites).

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Chrome Beta 56 adds official Web Bluetooth API support, experimental WebVR, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 55 marked the arrival of many user-side changes, including Chrome's built-in download manager and saving pages for offline reading. Normally I separate posts about Chrome releases into new features for users and new abilities developers can use, but this release (at least in its current form) is almost completely about new APIs.

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Chrome now displays images centered, starting with v56 (live in Dev/Canary)

Sometimes, it's the little things that count. In Chrome 55, when you visit a direct link to an image, it was always displayed in the top left corner. This can make zooming and panning on the image difficult, as it is constantly locked to the corner of the screen. This was a minor annoyance at most, but Chrome 56 finally rectifies this issue.

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'Chrome Home' flag hidden in Chrome Dev/Canary, moves address bar to bottom

In a world of large phones, it makes sense to move commonly-used actions to the bottom of the screen. A new flag in Chrome Dev and Canary, only described as 'Chrome Home,' moves Chrome's address bar to the bottom of the screen when enabled.

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