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ActionDash, from the developer of Action Launcher, brings Digital Wellbeing features to any phone

Google soft-launched Digital Wellbeing with Android Pie, but it's still only available on a few phones. If you're sick of waiting, developer Chris Lacy has launched a new app that brings similar features to any Android phone. ActionDash tracks how you use your phone like Digital Wellbeing, but it includes more goodies like a dark mode, daily summaries, data backup, and more.

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Action Launcher v30 update includes 'At a Glance' widget and colored search box icons

Action Launcher is one of Android's most popular replacement launchers, and this has a lot to do with how quick Chris Lacy has recently been to update his app with the latest features of Google's Pixel Launcher. It's much more than just a port, however, and also has original features that its loyal users swear by, such as covers and shutters.

The last two updates have added AdaptivePack icon integration and a customizable bottom search box, à la new Pixel Launcher. The latest bump to version 30 includes the Pixel's 'At a Glance' widget, which shows you your next calendar appointment alongside the current date and weather, and an option to colorize the icons in the search box.

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Action Launcher v28 beta is rolling out, with support for adaptive icons and light navigation bar [APK Download]

Chris Lacy has had a busy few months updating his popular Action Launcher. Since a major overhaul in June, the app has added numerous features that mimic the way the Pixel launcher works in Oreo, bringing features such as the Google Feed, notifications dots, and shortcuts to almost any Android device. The last update, to v27, included new theming options and a Pixel-inspired weather widget. The beta for v28 is now starting to roll out, and it comes with full support for adaptive icons and a light navigation bar.

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Action Launcher updated to v27 with a weather widget, new theming options, and more

Is your home screen feeling a little drab? A bit on the boring side? You might need more color, more customization, and a dash of Android O style. That's Action Launcher, and it has even more of those things today. A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out with ample new customization options and a weather widget.

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Action Launcher v26 beta is available, includes Android O's notification dots and new app shortcut UI

Chris Lacy's Action Launcher got a massive update recently, introducing new branding, more free features, an animated Android O style clock widget, and more. Together with its already useful feature set, including shutters and covers, it's cemented its place as one of Android's best launchers. The latest Beta is now available, as announced by Lacy on his blog, and it includes a number of features that Google has added to the Pixel Launcher in Android O, such as notification dots and a new UI for app shortcuts and widgets.

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Action Launcher Updated To v3.6 With New Quickfind Feature, Updated Google Logo In Quickbar, And More

A new version of Chris Lacy's Action Launcher is rolling out today, and it brings an all-new feature that makes it a snap to search your apps. Well, I guess it technically makes it a swipe. Quickfind is a built-in search box in the app list that's accessible with a simple gesture. That's not all that's new—there are a number of other thoughtful tweaks and changes in v3.6.

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Link Bubble Is 'Under New Management' And Getting A Big v1.5 Update With Drop Down Support, Colored Toolbars, And More

Chris Lacy's Link Bubble floating browser was a cool idea right out of the gate, but you might notice that development has been slow. Today Lacy explains that his little indie dev company simply doesn't have the resources to do what needs to be done with the app, so he's sold Link Bubble (and TapPath) to an unnamed US startup. What does that mean to you? For starters there's a huge update today.

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Action Launcher Updated To v3.2 With The Return Of The Quickpage, Icon Scaling, And More

Action Launcher v3 came out a few months ago with a ton of refinements and a slimmed down feature set. I thought it was quite a nice app, but the lack of certain extras irked some users. Developer Chris Lacy has been hard at work pushing updates to the launcher since then, and today is a big one. Action Launcher v3.2 adds so much stuff I'm going to use our snazzy new multi-column layout for the changelog.

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HomeTube From Chris Lacy Is A Kid-Friendly YouTube Player With Customizable Content Settings

YouTube is a somewhat respectable internet destination, but that doesn't mean you want to turn a kid loose on it. HomeTube is the newest app from Chris Lacy, and it aims to make it easier for kids to watch the YouTube vids you deem appropriate. You can even give it a shot for free.

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[New App] Chris Lacy's TapPath Lets You Open Links With Different Apps By Single, Double, And Triple Tapping

Developer Chris Lacy's last release was Link Bubble, an app that loads web pages in Chat Head-like bubbles that float on the screen until you need them. The newly released TapPath seeks to refine the mobile browsing experience even further by assigning different actions depending on how many times you tap a link.

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