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Dispatch unruly neighbors with pixelated ultra-violence in Party Hard Go

Video games can often be a source of escapist fantasy... and not always fantasy of the "save the princess" variety. Party Hard, released last year on SHIELD and on SHIELD this summer, falls squarely into the second category. This visceral stealth game is about a Jason Voorhees-style serial killer methodically murdering his partying neighbors. Now there's a mobile version for phones and tablets too, going for $7 with no in-app purchases. Needless to say, it's not for kids.

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[New Game] Time Surfer Jumps From The Humble Bundle To The Play Store For $.99

You know that moment you have when you're playing an endless runner and you're ten seconds from beating your record, then you smash into an easily-avoided obstacle by the width of about two pixels? The colorful Time Surfer has found a way around that: you can rewind time to cover up your mistakes. The Prince of Persia's ears must be turning red right about now.

Time Surfer got its start on the Humble Mobile Bundle, but now it's available from the Play Store for a reasonable $.99. In most respects it's a typical endless runner, albeit with a neon-soaked, pixelated I-love-the-80s theme.

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Digitally Imported (DI.FM) Radio App Lands In The Android Market

DI.FM fans, in an announcement on Facebook, your favorite radio station just dropped its Android app (previously available as only an off-Market beta) in the Android Market. Being one of such fans - Digitally Imported Premium is one of the few services I pay for monthly - I can tell you that the app is superb - it's clean, well designed, functional, and not over-bloated with features nobody needs.

Besides the obvious music streaming from all of DI's 37 channels, the app offers an ability to set favorite stations, stream using different bitrates when on Wi-Fi or cellular networks, and an ability to log into Premium to experience higher quality music without commercials.

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