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Chipotle App Update Adds Fingerprint Support


Chipotle's Free Burrito Coupon Uses The "Save To Android Pay" Button, Something I Wish Was More Common

Coupons are great. Who doesn't like saving money on stuff? (Or better yet, free stuff.) But we can all agree that keeping track of coupons is awful. With this in mind, Google introduced the Save To Wallet API way back in 2012. It was a pretty simple way to transfer loyalty card or coupon information directly from a webpage or email into the Wallet app. Unfortunately, Android apps didn't get this same feature until two years later (yeah, this was clearly a priority). Then the whole Wallet reorganization happened and Android Pay was born.

The "Save to Wallet" API was renamed "Save To Android Pay," and pretty much everyone proceeded to continue ignoring it.

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Chipotle's Mobile Ordering App For Android Is Now Available In All Locations, Lets You Pick Up Your Food Without Waiting In Line

There's an intense burrito-folding, salsa-serving war being waged out there between Chipotle, Moe's, Qdoba, and other purveyors of delicious tacos. Passions burn hotter than fresh chilies, and I'm not bold enough to throw my weight behind any of the involved establishments. But I will stick my neck out just enough to share that Chipotle's Mobile Ordering app is now open to all locations, and it's awesome.

Chipotle1 Chipotle5 Chipotle2

No, Chipotle doesn't deliver, but the company's app still saves you the effort of standing in line, shouting your order over the sound of hungry children, and asking the server what that goopy red stuff is next to other, slightly darker, goopy red stuff.

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