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Viral deepfake app ZAO adds your face to famous movie scenes – if you're not concerned with privacy

Deepfakes – algorithmically synthesized face-swapping or mimicking videos – are frequently discussed as a dystopian tool that allows almost anyone on the internet to lay words into someone's mouth or put anyone's face into rather objectionable circumstances. Fortunately, deepfakes are rather easily detected at the moment, and thus not too dangerous in the grand scheme of things. Instead, if used correctly, deepfakes can apparently be rather fun. The recently released Chinese Android and iOS app ZAO allows almost anyone to insert themselves into famous movie scenes, requiring nothing more than at least one picture. As with FaceApp before it, privacy concerns quickly arose.

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Google Assistant on phones now supports Simplified Chinese

Google services are blocked in mainland China, but there are still millions of Chinese speakers across the world with access to Google Assistant. Support for Traditional Chinese was added to Assistant last year, and now it works with Simplified Chinese too.

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Actions on Google now supports Chinese (traditional) language

Google Assistant can do a lot of awesome things, but that list would be much shorter without developer support. That's what Actions on Google is all about—it helps developers integrate apps and services with Assistant. Thus, you can shout at your phone and smart speakers more often. Now, developers can start supporting the Chinese (traditional) language in their Actions.

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Google announces new language support for Gboard, including Korean and Chinese [APK Download]

New languages are coming soon to Gboard. Google announced today that support for more than 20 new languages—including Korean and both traditional and simplified Chinese—will be coming in the next few days.

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Gboard v7.0 Beta adds email auto-completion, Chinese and Korean language support, universal media search, and more [APK Download]

Gboard almost never fails to add an assortment of new, and sometimes unusual features with each update. The latest version bump doesn't disappoint. In this release, Gboard can now auto-complete email addresses from your contact list, adds support for Chinese and Korean keyboards, and launches a new universal media search feature that brings together emoji, stickers, and GIFs. There are also some other smaller improvements that will make it easier to set up multiple keyboards within a language and perhaps get suggestions and autocorrections for languages you've never even set up.

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Waze adds new Chinese voices to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Waze is a pretty popular navigation app, even among Google diehards. In fact, Google actually bought Waze way back in 2013 for a little over one billion dollars and uses some of the data sourced by Waze in Google Maps. For many people who drive for a living or just happen to be on the road a lot, Waze's extra features when compared to Google Maps are something they just can't live without.

Today, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, Waze has announced that it's bringing improved Mandarin (both in Simplified and Traditional Chinese) voices to its app.

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[Update: Task force formed] LG is officially leaving the Chinese smartphone market

The last LG phone that was offered to the Chinese market was 2016's G5 SE, a downmarket version of the not very well-liked G5, meaning that the Korean company had all but left the country. However, we now have confirmation from an LG official that LG's mobile phone business is pulling out of China.

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[你好] Duolingo adds Chinese (Mandarin) to its list of languages

You don't have to be a genius to work out that China is going to be an increasingly significant nation in the coming years, culturally and economically. More than one billion people already speak Chinese, and that's sure to continue rising. It's been one of the most requested languages over at Duolingo, which is ready to launch Mandarin Chinese in its mobile apps and on the web.

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The New York Times releases its Chinese Edition Android app

The New York Times website exists in 3 language flavors: English, Spanish, and Chinese, and now the latter is graduating to also become a standalone Android app. You may be wondering why a website that's blocked in China would release an app on an app store that's also not legally available in China, but you'd be forgetting that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with native speakers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and plenty of Southeast Asian countries, not to count all the Chinese immigrants around the world. Plus those inside Mainland China who use proxies to access restricted content.

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A Chinese Company Is Making A Smartphone With Two Hot-Swappable Batteries

Removable batteries? Bah. External USB batteries? Child's play. Real power users use multiple batteries to make sure that their phones never turn off within a hundred miles of electricity. Or at least that seems to be the idea behind the M5, an upcoming smartphone from Chinese manufacturer Gionee. According to Weibo, the as-yet-unseen phone will sport two batteries inside its bay, both of which are removable in a hot-swap configuration.

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