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[Update: FCC votes to deny] FCC chairman takes official stand against China Mobile starting up in U.S.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has announced that he will deny an application from the world's largest mobile carrier to operate in the United States. China Mobile's request to provide cellular service from within the United States will be voted upon in the commission's next open meeting on May 9.

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Tencent pulls PUBG from Chinese market, ready with China-friendly replacement

Reuters has reported that Tencent has pulled PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from the Chinese marketplace. In an effort to retain its lucrative player base in China the studio has shifted focus to a similar title with an anti-terrorism-theme called Game for Peace. Luckily for Tencent, Game for Peace was approved for monetization in China last month.

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Huawei's insane growth in China should have Samsung and Apple worried

The worldwide smartphone market hasn't just slowed, it's been in decline for the last year or so. Whatever you attribute that to — rising prices, longer-lasting devices, fewer necessary improvements — many major OEMs including Samsung and Apple have seen sales weaken. In comparison, though, Huawei continues to see explosive growth, especially in China.

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Nokia X71 launches in Asia with hole punch display and 48MP camera

A hole punch front camera with an almost bezel-free display is the dominant smartphone design trend for 2019, whether you like it or not. HMD Global's new Nokia-branded device is the latest to go with this setup, and it certainly looks handsome for it. The mid-ranger has been announced for the Asian market, launching first in Taiwan.

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[Update: Full HMD response] Some Nokia phones in Europe sent user data to China, potentially violating GDPR

It's easy to get confused with all the decimal numbers phones coming out of HMD lately—the Nokia 7.1, 6.1, 3.2, 9, and so on. Even HMD might be getting a little turned around. Finnish media reports that some Nokia 7 Plus handsets in Europe have been beaming data to China even though they aren't Chinese phones. This could be a violation of Europe's GDPR legislation. Oops.

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Redmi 7 arrives with Snapdragon 632, 4,000mAh battery, and gradient hues for around $105

Xiaomi announced in January that it would be turning Redmi into an independent brand, if only for the sake of appearances. The first Redmi phone to launch thereafter was the unfortunately-named Note 7, with a 48MP camera and beefy 4,000mAh battery. The ultra-budget Redmi Go came next, and the company has just unveiled yet another affordable device.

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[Update: Google responds] Google's censored Chinese search engine might not be dead after all

Google has largely stayed out of the Chinese market for the past decade, but last year, it looked like that might change. Plans about 'Project Dragonfly,' a search engine tailored for China, were leaked in August of last year. The project suffered from criticism inside and outside of Google, as search results would have been highly censored, and development reportedly ended in December.

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Vivo reveals new iQOO phone for gamers in China, may come to other markets

Two days ago, Vivo revealed a new gaming-focused flagship phone for the Chinese market called the iQQO. On paper, it looks like a 2019-era version of the now-typical Chinese gaming phone, but Vivo did manage to pack in some decidedly top-tier hardware like a Snapdragon 855, in-display fingerprint sensor, and high-end camera sensor for a such a low ~$450 starting price. Best of all, it may end up coming to other markets.

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Huawei promises it will not create backdoors for Chinese government

Huawei has been under intense scrutiny over the past few months, as companies around the world ban its networking equipment. In most cases, the primary concern is that Huawei could be compelled by the Chinese governments to place 'backdoors' — hidden methods of accessing data — in its products. In an attempt to lessen these fears, Huawei Chairman Liang Hua told reporters that the company wouldn't comply with such a request.

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[Update: Samsung calls it off] Samsung shamelessly aligns with off-brand Supreme in China

Brand partnerships are usually the least interesting part of a phone announcement, but Samsung's latest phone unveiling comes with some serious drama. The company's new Galaxy A8s announcement included the surprising announcement of a partnership with Supreme in China, where the company has not operated in the past. However, it's not the "real" Supreme; it's the fake Italian firm that has been such a thorn in Supreme's side.

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