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TikTok and WeChat spared from US bans for now (APK Download)

The Trump administration's prospects for bans on Chinese social apps TikTok and WeChat appear to be shelved for now. The shutdowns that were supposed to commence today  —as mandated by executive orders signed in August — have been delayed.

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Individual users won't face penalties under Trump's WeChat ban

As part of the Trump administration's crackdown on Chinese apps, the US government is set to ban all transactions with Tencent, the owner of WeChat, beginning on September 20. As that deadline approaches, the US Justice Department has issued a filing clarifying that it does not plan to penalize individual WeChat users themselves as part of the ban.

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China doesn't want TikTok sold to a US company — this is how it plans to stop a deal

TikTok rocketed further into the mainstream in July, when President Trump indicated that his administration would like to see TikTok banned, and later sold off, over alleged privacy concerns stemming from parent company ByteDance being headquartered in China. Big players like Microsoft are interested in making a deal to keep the popular short video platform alive, but sources inside the Chinese government claim the country would rather see TikTok die off in the US rather than be pressured into selling.

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You didn't buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 this spring, research finds

Research house Canalys tracked 31.9 million smartphone shipments in the U.S. for the second quarter, down 5% from last year. Diverging plotlines between the novel coronavirus pandemic and the trade war with China are putting intense pressures on the industry in terms of cost and product strategy.

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Xiaomi India working on new MIUI version without banned Chinese apps

India recently banned a slew of Chinese apps, most notably TikTok and WeChat, but also the Mi Browser Pro. That has implications for Xiaomi and its MIUI Android skin, as the company naturally pre-installs its own banned browser on its ROM. The manufacturer has now issued a statement, telling its customers that none of the blocked apps are functional on its phones anymore and a new version of MIUI is in the works that gets rid of them completely. The company has also reaffirmed that 100% of Indian user data stays on local servers.

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Trump administration seeks to ban 'untrusted' apps from China in expansion of Clean Network plan

Last week, President Trump told reporters that he was going to ban TikTok, the popular short form video app that's owned by Chinese company ByteDance. It hasn't happened yet, partly due to the interest Microsoft may have in purchasing the company. But now it looks like the Trump administration wants to go further than just banning TikTok. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced an expansion of the Clean Network effort including a new initiative seeking to ban "untrusted" Chinese apps from digital platforms in the US.

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India's app bans extend to include more from Xiaomi and Baidu

Amidst rising tensions between the two countries, the government of India banned 59 apps (like TikTok!) that originated from China in June. The next month, the country announced an additional 47 more apps that were blocked. Now it looks like at least a few more have been added to the banned list, including apps from Xiaomi and Baidu.

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Trump says he wants to outright ban TikTok rather than forcing a sale

Earlier today, it was tipped that President Donald Trump was considering to sign an executive order forcing portions of TikTok to be sold off to a U.S. company due to national security concerns, but now the president specified his plans to reporters aboard the Air Force One, as the Washington Post reports. "As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States," he said.

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After TikTok, India considers banning PUBG, AliExpress, and hundreds more

Last month, India made the call of banning a total of 59 Chinese-origin apps after the tension between the two bordering nations escalated. As a result, TikTok, which had amassed over 200 million users in the country, was taken down, along with other popular apps like CamScanner, Shareit, and UC Browser. Incoming reports say that the South Asian nation has now banned 47 more apps, while some 275 additional apps, including PUBG and AliExpress, are also being considered for a similar ban.

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OPPO invigorates power adapter arms race with 125W charging tech