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Project Fi group plans now support Family Link-managed child accounts

Google's Project Fi has just announced that its group plans are now family-optimized, with additional support for Family Link-associated children's accounts. In essence, Google is still pushing the same group plans it had before, at the same $5 per person discount, but as of today you can add children under 13 to your Fi group plan and continue to manage their device use via Family Link.

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You Can Now Adhere A TempTraq Bluetooth Thermometer To Your Child's Armpit All Day Long For $25

Connecting things to your phone using Bluetooth makes them smart. We know this buy now (by*, sorry, easy mistake). Tech companies have been feeding us this concept long enough for our bodies to digest it. And when they start to heat up from an adverse reaction, fortunately there's a smart gadget out there that can let us know. Blue Spark's TempTraq Bluetooth thermometer is now available for purchase. You can snag one for $25.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 at 11.48.06 AM

We've covered the TempTraq before, back when the product was still undergoing FDA review. Six months later, here we are. I should take this moment to point out that the TempTraq is hardly the first Bluetooth-connected thermometer.

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Hulu Plus App Update Brings A Special Section Just For Kids And Better Discovery Tools

Today, the streaming service best known for completing the Netflix/YouTube trifecta, Hulu Plus, got an update to its mobile Android app. Among the new features are a special Hulu Kids section that showcases a bunch of ad-free content for the youngsters. Parents can even lock the app so that only child-friendly content can be viewed without a password (though this doesn't prevent them from accessing other apps on the device).


In addition to the kids section, Hulu has also added new features for discovering more content. This largely seems to consist of additional sections on the main page of the app that you can slide through, so nothing unfamiliar, just more of it.

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