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Instagram Checkout lets you buy stuff without having to leave the app

Since the app is increasingly used by influencers and fashion brands to showcase clothing, footwear, and other hot products, it's no surprise that Instagram has worked to build out its shopping features. Purchase links appear in Stories, you can save collections of potential buys for later, and there's even been talk of a standalone shopping app. Wouldn't it be even more convenient if you could just shop from within the Instagram app itself?

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PayPal is adding Venmo as a payment option

PayPal has revealed today that it will be adding Venmo as an option during checkout. For now, it will be opt-in for users of Venmo and will manifest itself with the same convenience as PayPal. During the checkout process, users will be able to select Venmo with no changes required by sellers. There is no additional cost to the customer or retailer to use Venmo over PayPal.

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Chrome For Android Hits Version 43 With Touch To Search [APK Download]


[Update: New Audio And Video Playback Features] Chrome 43 Beta Adds Faster Checkout With Google Wallet Data And Colored Grey Status Bar [APK Download]

The Chrome blog has announced that version 43.0.2357.38 of the browser is being released to the beta channel on the Play Store. This update introduces the usual panoply of bug fixes and performance improvements — which seem to be quite effective this time around — along with a new feature. When purchasing an item, the process of filling checkout forms should be more streamlined and secure thanks to data from Google Wallet.


Another visual change has been implemented in this version as well. Previously, when you had your Chrome tabs merged with Recents, the status bar would take the header color specified by the site (for example, it's blue on Android Police, orange on APK Mirror), but other sites would keep a black bar.

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Deal Alert: Use VISA Checkout To Get A Refurbished Nexus 7 16GB From Newegg For $102.99 After $50 Rebate

Newegg is offering up a pretty compelling deal on the Nexus 7 right now. Those interested in picking up a refurbished 16GB model can do so for about $103 (before tax) using VISA Checkout, after a $50 rebate.

This deal is actually a combination of promotions from Newegg - the site is offering 10% off (up to $20) when users select VISA Checkout and use promo code VCO, and Newegg's listing for the refurbished 16GB Nexus 7 offers a $50 rebate (via prepaid card).

For those unfamiliar, VISA Checkout is the credit card company's "easier way to pay online," offering checkout solutions for online sellers similar to those offered by Google Wallet or PayPal.

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Google Movies: Rent And Watch Movies On The Web (YouTube) Or Your Motorola XOOM Right Now

When Google announced its new Movies service today, some of the details of the service's launch were omitted in the information overload that is I/O. But now that we've had a minute to regain our composure and, you know, investigate, we've got some exciting news about Google Movies: you can start renting and watching right now (note: only the United States is currently supported):


The catch is that you'll only be able to do it from your personal computer (via the Web Market or YouTube in the browser) or on a Motorola XOOM in the Videos app for the moment (we're assuming that means it's limited to Honeycomb Android devices for the time being).

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Android Market Carrier Billing Now On Sprint, Do You Have It Yet?

Well, seems like Google wasn't lying when they said they would continue to work on providing carrier billing as a payment option in the Android Market, announcing the addition of the feature to Sprint handsets, alongside T-Mobile and AT&T. With three out of four major US carriers down, will carrier billing be coming to Verizon any time soon?

The feature has long been the request of many customers across all carriers, particularly internationally. This is largely due to the fact that Google Checkout remains unavailable as a payment option in a number of major international markets in South America and Asia, where Android's popularity is rapidly growing.

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PayPal Payment May Be Coming To The Android Market

According to news website TheStreet, Google may be finally relenting on the Google Checkout-only system currently employed in the Android Market by letting PayPal in on the action. This is a facility that users have demanded for some time, and the ubiquity and convenience of PayPal payment should be a nice incentive for people to buy apps if they have not done so before. TheStreet also speculates that this new payment option may be the final piece of the puzzle in the long-awaited Google Music project, allowing for seamless payment from your device or PC. An announcement at PayPal's October 26th conference in San Francisco is expected to unveil this new partnership.

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