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Allo v6 prepares to introduce a vote bot, notifications on Android Auto, animated emoji, and new drawing tools [APK Teardown]

Last week was pretty busy with some big app updates and even bigger product announcements. One update that slipped through the cracks was Allo v6. There aren't any obvious new features, but there's plenty for a teardown. Some of the upcoming features will include a chat bot to enable voting among members of a group chat, Android Auto support, animated emoji, and some new drawing tools.

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'Lucky' is Allo's first chat bot (besides Assistant), tries to guess what GIF you want

Announced at Google I/O last year and released a few months later, Allo is the company's latest attempt at a chat application. The excitement has long since worn off, but Google hasn't abandoned it (yet). Perhaps what Allo really needs is more chat bots, because Allo 5.0 introduces the 'Lucky' bot.

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