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Chase app update adds adaptive icon, app shortcuts, a revised UI, and more

If you've got a Chase account, you may have noticed quite a few changes to the Android app within the past few days. Those include an adaptive icon, app shortcuts, and an updated interface with a lot more functionality.

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Chase customers can now withdraw cash using Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Mobile payments, neat as they are, are pretty commonplace. It seems like just about everywhere lets you buy stuff with your phone, whether through a standalone platform like Google Pay, or a proprietary app like Starbucks and Target have. What's less commonplace, though, is the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs using your phone. Now, Chase customers can do exactly that.

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Chase Mobile app adds auto capture for faster check deposits


Chase Freedom cardmembers can get 5% cash back on mobile wallet purchases, including Android Pay, in Q1 2018


Chase app update adds ability to request new cards, prevent card blocks when traveling, and more

Mobile banking is great. You can deposit checks and move money around, all without having to go to a physical bank location. Chase is now adding even more features to its app, including the ability to request new cards when they're lost or stolen and to prevent card blocks when you travel.

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Chase Pay is now live, but currently only works at Starbucks and Best Buy

We've been hearing about Chase Pay for about a year, which is also when Chase announced it wouldn't support Android Pay until "sometime in 2016." Well, we just got Android Pay a few months ago, and here comes Chase Pay too. It was previously in beta testing, but now it's open to all Chase customers in the US. Do you need another mobile payment platform? Probably not, but Chase is giving it a shot anyway.

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Chase app updated with better fingerprint support, improved transaction sorting, and more

The Chase app added fingerprint login support a while back, which was great. Or rather, it could have been great. It wasn't particularly useful because many functions still required a manual login. That's no longer the case as of the latest update. Yay.

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[It's happening] Chase now officially supports Android Pay, silences complaining commenters

A few weeks back, a tipster leaked an internal Chase document to us that stated Chase would begin support for Android Pay on September 7th. Guess what? It's now September 7th, and the Android Pay website has just been updated with Chase support. In addition, Chase has its own Android Pay page on its site now.

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Praise the Lord: Chase will add support for Android Pay on September 7th

To all of you Chase customers who have been longing for Android Pay support, it seems that your prayers have been heard. No longer will you have to purchase a Samsung or Apple device to be able to pay for things with your phone. According to an anonymous Chase employee, Chase will begin supporting Google's NFC-based payment system in just over two weeks.

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On The Heels Of Chase Pay Announcement, Chase Is Now Saying They Will Not Support Android Pay Until Sometime In 2016

Though no reasonable person would have suspected that Android Pay would get early support from every vendor, bank, and finance company, Chase has loomed large as among the most conspicuous absences. It doesn't help that the banking giant announced Chase Pay last month, which is like Android Pay except worse in almost every way.

After a post on Reddit claimed to have been told by a Chase rep that they were adding support for Android Pay in 2015, Chase customers began to look forward to being first-class Android Pay citizens. It is worth noting, though, that in other public venues and in private communications with users, Chase was very vague about timelines.

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