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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile Offers The 128GB Version Of The Galaxy S6 For The Price Of 64GB ($660), Plus $80 Off Any S6 Or S5 Model With Coupon

Do you want a killer discount on a Galaxy S6, and do you also happen to be in the market for a new T-Mobile phone? Then today is a good day to be you. The carrier is offering $80 off of any T-Mo version of the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S6 with the checkout coupon "DEAL80OFF" (that's eight, zero, capital O, capital F, capital F). If you use the coupon with a Galaxy S6 you get a free car charger too, but we didn't have enough room to fit that in the headline.

Is that still not enough for you?

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[Deal Alert] Another Good Deal On A Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger - Anker Charger Only $7.99 After Coupon Code

We have another good deal to share with you all today, this time on a Quick Charge 2.0 wall charger. The charger is an Anker branded unit on Amazon and the price is only $7.99 after entering the coupon code QPPAQPP5 at checkout. That's half off the normal retail price of $15.99 and every bit as good of a bargain as the last charger deal we posted.

Screenshot 2015-08-29 at 2.40.16 PM

The one unique feature the Anker model boasts is that the LED charger indicator changes colors depending on the output. When the light is blue it indicates 5V output and when it's green it indicates 9/12V output.

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PowerSquare Tango Position-Free Wireless Charger Review: A Premium Accessory For A Premium Price

Here's the thing about wireless charging: in its current form, it's a convenience. A perk, another skirmish in the eternal arms race of mobile specifications. It's nice. Wireless charging is great if you happen to sit at a desk or other stationary place, for hours at a time, and need to constantly refer to your phone. Coincidentally, that pretty much describes the entire working life of a gadget blogger, so the Tango wireless charger is great for me. Whether or not it will work for you, or be worth the considerable expense for what's basically a neat way to avoid plugging your phone in half a dozen times, will depend on how much you value that convenience.

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[Deal Alert] Get An Aukey Wall Charger With One QuickCharge 2.0 And Two 2.4A USB Ports For $12.49

Everyone likes a good deal on a charger, and today we've got an Aukey 3-port USB charger with one Quick Charge 2.0 port, and two full 2.4A/5V ports (that's still 12W max on each) for a mere $12.49 after you put in the coupon code "ZP2ATZP2" during checkout. The typical price on this charger is $22.99, and it's not even been out a full month at this point, so this is quite a deal indeed.

Aukey's QuickCharge products are fully certified to meet Qualcomm's spec by one of Qualcomm's partners, so these are the real deal - not some fly-by-night operation.

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[Deal Alert] Buy This Six Port USB Hub With Four USB 3.0 Ports And Two 2.1A Charging Ports For Just $19 With $12 Off Coupon Code

I don't think any computer I have ever owned has had enough USB ports to satisfy my needs. Mics, headsets, keyboards, cameras, cell phones, and this thing all demand access to my ports and there are simply not enough to go around.

That's why I'm so glad that USB hubs exist — They increase the number of connections at your disposal and keep your gadgets from fighting gladiator style death matches to determine who will take the last computer port (actually, that would be kinda awesome).

Alright, enough small talk, here's the deal. The Unitech Six Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub is on sale on Amazon for $19, down from its normal price of $31.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Has This Omaker Waterproof Speaker + Portable Charger Combo For $32 ($20 Off) With Coupon

Are you going on a trip soon and need some extra power to both your phone and your tunes? Then make a pit stop at Amazon first. Today the ubiquitous retailer is offering a discounted combo to US customers: a "ruggedized" and semi-waterproof Omaker M4 Bluetooth speaker plus a 5200mAh Omaker external battery for $31.98. That's $20 off of the retail price for both of them combined - you're basically getting the charger for free, and the speaker at a tiny discount.

711KGESEFAL._SL1000_ battery

To get the discount add both items to your cart. Make sure that you select the orange version of the speaker and the slightly cheaper black version of the charger, not the black + grey or black + yellow one.

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[Deal Alert] Yubi USB Charging Towers On Sale At Amazon: 32 Ports For $39, 24 Ports For $32

Does your home have a lot of mobile devices? I mean a lot of them? Maybe you're a modern-day Brady Bunch, and every adult and kid has a phone, tablet, smartwatch, and external battery? Or alternately, do you run a bar or work for a gadget blog? Then you'll probably be able to find a use for the Yubi Universal USB Family Charging Tower Station With Surge And Overload Protection For... you know what, I'm running out of words here. They're big hunks of plastic with a ton of USB charging ports, and today they're cheap at Amazon.


You can grab the 24-port version of the tower for $31.99, a discount of about $8 off the regular price (don't believe the $99 "retail price," it's the typical Amazon vendor baloney).

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[Deal Alert] This EasyAcc 5-Port USB Charger (40W, 5V) Is $12.99 After Coupon On Amazon

If our readers are anything like our writers, then there's a definite dearth of available USB chargers at their desks, nightstands, and hotel bedrooms. Here's a cheap way to charge a ton of devices quickly, on sale today from Amazon for just thirteen bucks. The EasyAcc 5-port adaptor will let you charge five phones, tablets, smartwatches, portable power packs, and what have you at once. With a power output of 40 watts and two 2.4-volt ports, it should be able to handle a few high-capacity gadgets as well.

charger 2

The regular price is $17.99 (off of a "retail price" of $37, but these accessories are always inflated on Amazon).

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[Deal Alert] CHOE 6-Port Turbo Charger (With Two Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Ports) Is $24.99 On Amazon With Coupon

The Nexus 6 is big and fast and sharp, but my favorite feature is probably its Quick Charge capacity, which lets it charge up in a fraction of the time it takes older phones. The only problem is that this feature requires special charging adapters: one of them comes in the box, but the rest of the time you're stuck with the old charging rate. If you're in the market for an extra Quick Charge adapter, and you wouldn't mind charging a bunch of other stuff at the same time, check out this deal on the US version of Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] EasyAcc 4-Port 4A USB Wall Charger Only $10 After Coupon Code With Free Amazon Prime Shipping

I don't need to ramble on for long to explain how having a wall charger with four USB ports is better than an alternative with only one. It's simple math, really. If you have multiple devices on your desk that all plug into a USB port (phones and tablets, generally), or you and co-workers find yourselves scavenging for free power outlets while traveling, a 4-port USB wall charger can ease your struggle.

EasyAcc currently has a white one on Amazon reduced from $29.99 to $12.99 (it's $13.99 in black). On the back, there's a folding plug that allows for easier storage. On the front, port 1 supplies 5V/1.3A, port 2 can handle 5V/1A, while ports 3 and 4 go up to 5V/2.1A.

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