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First Look At Jumper Card, An Indiegogo Project That Looks To Put A Small Battery Pack And Sync Cable In Your Wallet

As we've clearly seen over the past several months, there's a new trend in portable charging solutions making the rounds on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Some are simply smaller cables with an interesting design, while others – like ChargeCard, for example – are little more than a cable with a different form factor. Along those same lines is the Jumper Card, a new product that just hit Indiegogo today.

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[Quick Look] ChargeCard (MicroUSB Edition): A Quirky Little Thing, But It Gets The Job Done In A Pinch

Fun fact: I never leave home without a microUSB cable. I have a short cable that stays in my bag at all times – you know, just in case. The need for charging and the like is constant, so it's hard to say when that cable could come in handy. Several months ago, a new Kickstarter campaign hit the scene that could end my need for a USB cable in my bag, and instead put one in my wallet.

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