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Twitter is testing a new 280 character limit, allowing crazies to ramble on for twice as long

One of the biggest complaints and simultaneous strengths of Twitter is the platform's forced brevity. Whatever you want to say, you only have 140 characters in which to say it. That restriction makes you seriously sit and think about the content of your message. Like it or hate it, now Twitter is testing a larger 280 character limit with a small select group. 

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[More Room For Spam] Google Play raises the app title limit from 30 to 50 characters

I'm sure there's a legit reason why Google has changed one of its developer policies on the Play Store, but I can't think of any right now. Back in mid-July, it announced in a newsletter to developers that the character limit for app titles has been raised from 30 characters to 50. The change, however, seems to have been in effect even before because Waze changed to a much longer name between June 13 and 14.

Witness the tragedy:

  • "Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic" => 26 characters, pre-June 14.
  • "Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation" => 50 characters, June 14 and onward.
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[Update: It's official] Longer tweets on Twitter are coming September 19

Back in May, Twitter revealed they were changing the way their tweet character limit worked. Currently everything you can shove in a tweet - text, media, polls, etc - counts towards the 140-character limit. Twitter has not revealed the exact date this change is coming, but The Verge believes it will be September 19.

The change will go into effect for images, GIFs, polls, and videos, although The Verge is unsure if it will all happen at once or over a gradual period.

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