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YouTube makes it easier to catch up on recent or unwatched videos from your favorite channels

Earlier in 2020, YouTube began testing new filters in the Subscriptions tab of its iOS app to help you sift through the noise of all your followed channels. These filters are now widely rolling out to users on Android.

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Sling TV gets more expensive, adds à la carte channels and free content

Sling TV announced a number of changes yesterday. Strangely, it seems people who don't subscribe to the service stand to benefit the most. While the price of a basic package has gone up by five bucks a month, from $20 to $25, the company has introduced free content for non-subscribers, as well as à la carte channel selections and additional on-demand programming that don't require subscriptions.

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Roku is showing an FBI anti-piracy warning for YouTube and some other channels

YouTube TV isn't the only video service that seems to be running into problems today. According to widespread recent reports, many people are having trouble accessing specific Channels on their Roku set-top devices. The affected services, which include YouTube and Netflix, are allegedly showing an FBI anti-piracy warning message. 

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Play Movies & TV v3.19 adds notifications for expiring rewards, prepares for 4K content, a channel for trailers, and TV show recommendations [APK Teardown + Download]

A pair of fresh updates of the Play Movies & TV app rolled out to both Android TV and regular devices yesterday. Like many other recent updates, there's not a lot of new functionality to see on the surface, particularly for the Android TV version. Phones and tablets gained a new toggle to control notifications about expiring rewards, but that's about it. However, a teardown shows a few improvements scheduled for future updates, including 4K support, a special channel for watching trailers, and recommendations for similar TV shows. Read on for details or skip to the bottom for download links.

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Audible Rolls Out Channels, A Source Of News Shows And Podcasts

We all love podcasts, amirite? I'm currently listening to the latest 'No Such Thing As A Fish' episode. Audible, the audiobook company owned by Amazon, has officially put live 'Channels,' a way to listen to news shows and podcasts in the same app you listen to books in.

Audible members get unlimited access to Channels, meaning they can listen to ad-free podcasts, news shows, and comedy at no extra charge. The content in a channel can be either streamed or individually downloaded for offline listening. Channels can also be followed, giving users an easy way to stay up-to-date.

2016-05-05 17.33.36 2016-05-05 17.34.02 2016-05-05 17.34.27

Left: The main Channels screen. 

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Pluto TV Adds 20 New Channels Including IGN, The Onion, Newsy, And The Young Turks

To cord cutters, a trip to might feel a bit like going back in time. You have a list of channels and a TV guide. You don't pick what plays—you watch whatever is on.

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Stay Up To Date With Android Police Pushbullet Channels

As you might have noticed, the AP team is pretty fond of Pushbullet. It's an awesome service that keeps your devices linked up and in sync like nothing else. If you've paid attention over the past few weeks, you may have also noticed that our sidebar has gained a pretty big heap of new buttons.

Right under all the other ways you can follow AP, we've added a stack of Pushbullet subscription options that will allow you to subscribe to our posts either all at once, or per category. You can probably see the buttons right next to this post, but just in case, here's a screenshot.

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DIRECTV Android App Gets 13 More Live Streaming Channels Including MSNBC, Showtime Showcase, And QVC

DIRECTV has added the ability for its customers to stream thirteen additional channels to their Android devices. The Play Store page doesn't contain an extensive list of which ones are new, but it does mention MSNBC, Ovation, QVC, and Showtime Showcase. All of these are available inside the home, with only QVC accessible outside of the home as well.

These additions bring DIRECTV's full list of channels with live streaming support up to 110. Of them, 51 are still streamable once you step out of the house. To see if your favorite channel has made the list, all you need to do is check.

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Pushbullet Channels Let You Follow RSS-Style Feeds In Latest App Update

Pushbullet Channels are the headlining feature in the app's latest update. In short, these are feeds that can push out notifications to subscribers whenever something new happens. Want to keep up with our APK downloads? You can simply subscribe to the channel to get notified whenever we have something fresh to send your way.

Push1 Push2 Push3

This functionality may sound familiar, especially for veteran IFTTT users who know how to use the site's tools to get notified of just about anything (including Android Police APK downloads). Pushbullet isn't quite as versatile in this area, but it does give people the option to create their own channels as well.

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Verizon Adds 16 New Channels To Mobile FiOS, Options Include Showtime, Starz, The Cooking Channel, And More

Verizon is upping the number of channels FiOS subscribers can watch when they're away from home. With 16 additional options - reaching a total of 25 - there's a better chance mobile TV watchers will be able to find something on that they actually want to watch. Naturally, the number of options isn't exhaustive, but the new crop contains heavy hitters including Showtime and Starz.

Verizon1 Verizon2

New channels:

  • beIN SPORT
  • beIN SPORT Espanol
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Cine Sony Television
  • Cooking Channel
  • Encore
  • FEARnet
  • NFL RedZone (tablet only)
  • Sony Movie Channel
  • Trinity Broadcast
  • Universal Sports
  • TVGN (TV Guide Network)

FiOS customers can stream far more channels in the comfort of their own home, with everyone having access to 91 channels.

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