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YouTube is testing new Community feature for supplementary content

I'll admit, YouTube has added some strange features lately, and at first glance this seemed like yet another useless addition. Starting with a few select channels, a new 'Community' tab will appear on the channel's profile, both on mobile apps and the desktop site. This essentially works like a social feed for the channel, allowing content creators to share text, images, GIFs, livestreams, and more straight through the YouTube app. You can even choose to receive push notifications for Community posts.

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Google Brings Chrome Dev To The Play Store

In the midst of update Wednesday, Google has just pushed a brand new version of Chrome to the Play Store - Chrome Dev.

For those unaware, Google's browser comes in four main channels - Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. As you descend the list, you get closer to the bleeding edge. So while you can see some of what's next in Chrome Beta, the Dev channel shows what Google is working on "right now," giving a peek into "whatever code [Google's] got."

The Play Store listing of course warns that any new functionality in the Dev version of Chrome may be "rough around the edges," but Google says this release will be updated "on roughly the same schedule as other platform Dev channels."

Grab the app from the widget below and follow its updates on APK Mirror.

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YouTube Updated With 'My Subscriptions' Feed, YouTube One Channel Branding Added For Content Creators

Today, Google rolled out an update to the YouTube app (v4.4.11) that will allow frequent users to get easier access to their favorite content producers with the 'My Subscriptions' feed. In the slide-out panel on the left side of your device, you can now tap on this section to get a list of all the most recent videos from your favorite directors in one place.

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Additionally, channels that have signed up for One Channel, which allows more customization of your channel and a better branding experience, will now see their tweaks within the app. For users, this just means that you'll be able to tell which videos are from what easier.

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Open Garden 2.0 Comes With Channel Bonding, Enhanced Reliability, Same User-Friendly Mesh Networking

Everyone's favorite mesh networking startup Open Garden today announced its 2.0 refresh at LAUNCH festival, having allegedly already served 2.1 million installs since version 1.

Readers would be forgiven for not remembering exactly what Open Garden is, or why it's interesting – we last covered the app in its beta stage.

Basically, the idea behind Open Garden is to create ubiquitous internet access by linking various smart devices together and sharing a common internet connection in a mesh network. For example, if your smartphone is connected to the internet, Open Garden would allow you to create a mesh network to which your tablet, another phone, a PC, or all of the above could connect.

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XFINITY TV For Android Updated With Favorite And Recent Channels, Keypad, And More - ICS Support Coming Soon

Comcast's XFINITY TV for Android got updated today after more than half a year of silence. The app, which allows XFINITY customers to control their cable boxes and DVRs, received the following additions and tweaks with version (up from

  • We now automatically detect your channel lineup. That means no more fussing with having to select your zip code and lineup before using the app.
  • Select your favorite channels in the TV listing grid to make it easier to find what you want to watch.
  • Use the new keypad to change channels from the TV listings grid.
  • View and tune to the last few channels you watched.
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YouTube For GoogleTV Poised To Receive A Slew Of Enhancements Via Update Later This Week

In a post to the official GoogleTV blog earlier today, Product Manager Jurek Foryciarz revealed that Youtube for GoogleTV is set to receive an update "in the next few days," bringing some "big improvements" to the app.

First off, Google touts smoother navigation, and a new feature called "discover," which allows users to find YouTube channels by categories, which range from comedy, to cooking, to news, and more.


Next up, you can expect the YouTube app to feature channel pages, meaning users can navigate an individual channel's playlists, videos, and subscribe to said channel quickly and easily.

On the topic of channel interaction, users will also be able to see related videos and videos from the same user, just by clicking the up or down arrows on their remote.

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Learning Android Development? Here Is A 200-Episode (Almost 20 Hours) Tutorial Series - All For Free [Videos]

There are many ways to get into Android development - buying and reading Android books, visiting a plethora of Android-themed dev sites, navigating thousands of questions tagged with "Android," or even entering our book giveaways.

For visual learners, here's yet another one - a massive series of hands-on video tutorials amounting to almost 20 hours of footage. The series, created by TheNewBoston and mybringback YouTube users, and organized into a straightforward 200-video playlist by ChangingTheUnknown, contains tons of absolutely free content that, in my opinion, teaches using the best way possible - by showing you code. Lots of code.

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