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YouTube Premium comes with a free channel membership until June 30

Last year, YouTube launched channel memberships as a bid to woo creators away from other platform-building sites such as Patreon and drive more revenue. But memberships can't be worth anything if there aren't any members, so, the Google-owned video sharing site is now offering free membership to YouTube Premium subscribers in several countries.

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YouTube introduces new monetization options to make nice with content creators

Today at VidCon, YouTube announced some new monetization options for content creators. I'm sure most of you have heard about the adpocalypses, where videos have gotten mass-demonetized, oftentimes before they're even published. This has led many creators to seek other means of making a living, most notably with Patreon. But YouTube is trying to rebuild the bridge with them by offering some new ways of more effectively making money, but outside of ads.

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