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[Update: Color bulbs are out] C by GE announces new Made for Google color bulbs and accessories

C by GE already makes white, dimmable smart lights designed specifically to work with Google Home — there's even a starter kit with a Home Mini — but now the company is adding full-color LEDs to the range, along with some additional smart products.

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[Update: Keyboard now available] Brydge has made a Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad for Chrome OS

Historically, Brydge has released keyboards for iPads and Surface Pros, although we became more familiar with the company thanks to the 'Made for Google' Pixel Slate keyboard it recently produced. Brydge's Google intentions don't stop there, though, as it's now announced the first-ever wireless keyboard and touchpad designed exclusively for Chrome OS.

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Weekend Poll: Pick your favorite product from this year's CES

This year's CES is officially over, and announcements from the event over the last week have effectively dominated the news. We walked away from Vegas with a pile of our favorite upcoming gadgets, but opinions don't end there; these products succeed or fail based on your interest. So we're curious, which of the Android-related announcements from CES has you most excited?

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Every product with Amazon Alexa announced at CES 2019

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This was a massive year for Google Assistant announcements at CES, but Amazon Alexa had its fair share of new integrations as well - often debuting in the same product. There were so many new Alexa integrations, in fact, that the best way to comprehensively cover them is one big roundup. 

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Every product with Google Assistant announced at CES 2019

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Last year's Consumer Electronics Show brought some of the first third-party devices with Google Assistant — Google's virtual helper had only been released a few months prior. This year, we saw a wide variety of devices running Assisant. Beyond the usual mix of smart lights and speakers, there are mirrors, electric car chargers, water systems, and even Insant Pots with Assistant.

For your reading enjoyment, this is every product announced at CES 2019 with Google Assistant (or Google Assistant integration), in no particular order.

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The best products of CES 2019 - our favorite things at the world's biggest tech show

CES 2019 is (nearly) a wrap, and we’ve picked our ten favorite products from this year’s show. They really do span the gamut: laptops, smartphones, smart home, automotive, and general gadgetry, reflecting the increasing number of ways just about everything in our lives has become connected in one way or another. Without further ado, here are our Best of CES 2019 winners.

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Innit now has a Google Assistant Smart Display action to aid you in the kitchen

A key feature of Smart Displays such as the Google Home Hub is that they can be used to help you prepare dinner by presenting hands-free, step-by-step recipes for you to follow. This is open to developers if they want to add their own actions, just like BuzzFeed's Tasty did recently. Now, Innit is getting in on the act.

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This Pixel 3 XL case includes a miniature soft-touch NFC keyboard

Ever wish you had a folio case for your Pixel 3 XL with a keyboard built into it? No, me neither, but such a thing exists now. Case maker Tech21 has announced the EvoType accessory, promising a more efficient mobile typing experience.

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Philips Hue bulbs are getting more power-on options, new sleep and wake functionality with Google Assistant

Last month, Hue bulbs were updated with the option to use their most recent settings when powering on, rather than coming on at full brightness. Hue has now announced that users will soon be able to choose what setting lights power on with — full brightness, the last used setting, or a user-defined custom setting. The bulbs are also getting new sleep and wake functionality with Google Assistant, meant to replicate sunset and sunrise.

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Scosche's MagicGrip Charge wireless charging mount literally grabs your phone from you

Scosche already announced a nifty wireless charging in-car mount, the MagicMount Charge3, at CES yesterday, but the new MagicGrip Charge is pretty interesting as well. This Qi-powered mount actually grabs your phone from you with motorized arms — something I've never seen on a car mount before.

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