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[Android Police Podcast] Episode 190: Ruffle To Unlock (CES Special)

Welcome back to another week of the Android Police Podcast. To catch us live on Hangouts On Air every Thursday at 5:30PM PST (subject to change as per the calendar widget below), just head over to For the unedited video show, click here (warning: this video is uncut). As always, we'll take your questions at 530-HELLO-AP and also at our email address: podcast at androidpolice dot com.

On this week's episode: our coverage of the CES 2106 show, including Huawei's latest phones, and news from many other companies!

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Lenovo Is Working On The First Project Tango Smartphone Aimed At Consumers, Invites Developers To Have Their Apps Featured On The Device

Google announced Project Tango, an effort to detect real-world space on an Android device, nearly two years ago. Since then we've seen tablet development kits become available and eventually go on sale to anyone, invite or no. Nevertheless, these devices were aimed at developers, making them more interesting for people who enjoy playing with code as much (or more) as they do playing with gadgets.

At this year's CES, Lenovo announced the development of the first Project Tango phone intended for consumers.

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BlackBerry Says It's Done With Its Home-Grown BlackBerry OS - All 2016 Products Will Use Android Software

Pour one out for the little guys, folks... even if this particular little guy used to be a 700-pound gorilla that dominated corporate and government sales all over the world. After a mostly positive response to the BlackBerry Priv, the company's latest flagship and its first to run the Android operating system, CEO John Chen says that the older BlackBerry OS is not going to be used in any of the new phones it has planned for the 2016 calendar year. He told Cnet the news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

A full switch-over to Android makes sense - many software and app developers are ignoring the BlackBerry platform completely after its marketshare has dived into the single digits over the last few years.

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Pioneer Unveils 2016 Head Unit Models With Android Auto Support, Arriving In Spring

Pioneer announced Android Auto head units at last year's CES, and it's following up with updated model names for 2016. You could think of this line as the 200 series, as each unit has jumped from 100 to 200.

The new units are the AVH-4200NEX ($700.00), AVIC-7200NEX ($1,200), and the AVIC-8200NEX ($1,400).

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Polaroid Announces Two New Unlocked Phones, Snap And Power, With A Promise Of Marshmallow

You would be excused if you saw the name "Polaroid" in any news title and glossed over it. The company isn't nearly synonymous with hip and cool technology anymore and it rarely, if ever, makes the Android news cycle. But Polaroid isn't going down easy, it wants a piece of that sweet mobile photography pie that other manufacturers are tossing around like last night's stale pizza. So it's back at CES this year, not with an Android-based camera, but with actual smartphones. Unlocked and decent smartphones, at least on paper.

Snap is the first of the two new Polaroid devices and it's about bringing the camera to the very midrange to low-end market.

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Blu Announces The Vivo 5 And Vivo XL, Feature Octa-Core Processors, 3/2GB RAM, And All-Metal Construction Starting At Just $149

I feel like the new Life One X was somewhat of a turning point for Blu—they've always offered good phones for the price, but the LOX is a truly great phone for the money. It launched at just $99 for the first three days, which was an absolute steal; even now at $149, it's still a great deal for a phone that performs much, much better than its price suggests.

Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Blu pretty much confirmed my thoughts (that they're going to start offering even more bang for the buck moving forward) with the announcement of the Vivo 5 and Vivo XL.

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Recon Instruments Announces A 'Smart Mask' For Paintball Based On Its Android Heads-Up Display

Part of the attraction of things like laser tag and paintball is that they bring the team-based combat that's become so popular in online shooters into the real world. After some notable success with its embedded heads-up display for snowboarders, Recon Instruments (recently acquired by Intel) is bringing a modified version of the Android-based system to the enthusiast paintball market. The Empire EVS "smart mask" includes a tiny Google Glass-style display in the visor that relays various bits of battlefield information to the player.

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[CES 2016] Ford Shows Off Its Android Auto Implementation On The Sync 3 Platform

Ford is showing off the current state of its Android Auto implementation at CES, which will roll out to current and future Sync 3-equipped cars later this year. In many ways, it matches that of other auto makers where Android Auto is sort of like an app inside of their own custom interface. However, a representative at Ford's booth explained that Sync 3 has been optimized to stay out of the way when Android Auto is running by hiding its own redundant systems like the built-in navigation and phone apps. Many other in-car systems tend to prefer their own navigation and dialer if they are opened from within the custom interfaces, but Ford will automatically launch Google Maps and Auto's own dialer, regardless of which interface you're looking at.

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[CES 2016] Letv Le Max Pro Hands-On: Using The First Snapdragon 820 Phone (Video)

The Letv Max Pro is the world's first Snapdragon 820 phone. And yes, I know: many of you have no freaking clue what Letv is, and until recently, I was just like you. Letv is a Chinese consumer electronics and software company, kind of similar in some ways (though very different in others) to Xiaomi. They've built smartphones before, but the Letv Max Pro is easily the most internationally paid-attention-to device they've produced.

The reason for that has literally nothing to do with Letv: it's all about Qualcomm. The Max Pro is the first phone with a Snapdragon 820 processor, a chip enthusiasts have been eyeing intently after a dismal year, in large part, for Qualcomm's Snapdragon portfolio.

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[CES 2016] Huawei Honor 5X Initial Impressions (Video)

The Huawei Honor 5X's sales pitch isn't complicated, and it doesn't have to be: $199 gets you a metal-body smartphone with a fingeprint scanner, LTE, and a 5.5" 1080p display. There's no uninstallable 3rd party bloat (Twitter, Facebook, FaceTune, and Shazam can all be removed), and while it does run Android 5.1.1 with Huawei's lamentable custom UI layer, the price really does make this easier to ignore.

Is the Honor 5X the perfect smartphone for the Android enthusiast on a budget? Probably not, if I'm honest, unless you're willing to hold out for the possibility that a robust custom ROM community emerges after the handset's launch.

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