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Qualcomm Spills The Beans On The First Snapdragon 820 Smartphone: The Letv Max Pro

Qualcomm gave a brief reveal of the upcoming Letv Max Pro smartphone, the first announced device equipped with the company's Snapdragon 820 processor. Few details about the phone were provided - basically none - but we know it has an 820, Qualcomm's nifty ultrasonic fingerprint authentication system (it's on the back of the phone), and WiFi 802.11ad, also known as WiGig.


Qualcomm provided a few updates on Snapdragon 820 generally, saying the chip has secured over 80 design wins at this point, which is no small number for such a powerful - and pricey - mobile SoC.


The Letv Max Pro remains largely a mystery until we hear more from Letv themselves, though Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkompf did briefly show off what looked like a functional device on stage.

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Lenovo Announces The Cheap And Eye-Catching VIBE S1 Lite At CES, But It's Unlikely To Come To The US

Remember when a low-cost phone meant something you were kind of embarrassed to pull out in front of your judgmental in-laws? A tiny screen, a chunky plastic body, and a processor with about as much kick as a grasshopper with polio - you'd be lucky if you could get Angry Birds to run on the thing. That's no longer the case - there are plenty of phones available for under $200 that look downright swanky. Case in point: the new VIBE S1 Lite, which Lenovo announced at CES in Las Vegas. It's quite a looker, and according to Lenovo, it will sell for around $199 USD.

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LG Announces New Mid-Range K7 And K10 Android Phones, Successors To The L Series, Before CES

Android news tends to focus on the flagship phones from the largest companies, if only because they inform the direction of phone design for the following year or so. But it's important to remember that giant corporations like LG release dozens of new models in the same timeframe. The first two LG phones announced for 2016 are the K7 and K10, both being revealed before the enormous Consumer Electronics Show (which doesn't technically begin until Wednesday).

Both phones are quite few steps down from flagships, but noticeably above the entry level, much like the older L series that they're based on.

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Archos Unveils Two New Low-End Lines, Power And Cobalt, And Gets Them Going With Two New Phones Each

Archos and I have some issues to debate over our definition of the words "power" and "cobalt." The company keeps on churning new devices every couple of months, seemingly content with the sales and reception it's getting by sticking to the low to mid range of the smartphone market. It just unveiled two new lines of devices for CES, named Power and Cobalt, with two new models on each line. However, it's not my understanding that 1900mAh (or 512MB of RAM) equates to power, or that dark grey is synonymous with cobalt. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The new Power line has its eyes set on battery life (not performance) and it will be launched with the Archos 40 Power and 50 Power.

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CES 2016: What To Expect From Android Police's Coverage Of The World's Biggest Tech Show

It's that time of year yet again: CES. Android Police has covered the Consumer Electronics Show for the last six years, of which I've attended five. This year, I'm back in Vegas again, this time with our teardown master Cody Toombs. We've watched CES go from a formidable proving ground for dozens of Android devices built by manufacturers both big and small to a show with a dwindling mobile presence, far more focused on connected technology, vehicles, and CES's more traditional niches (appliances, TVs, gadgets).

As such, what you can expect from CES 2016 is a lot like what you got in 2015: a few phones and tablets - not many - and a lot of gadgets that work over Bluetooth or IoT technologies to interface with your smartphone or tablet.

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Samsung Will Show Off A Smart Belt, Hand Controller For VR, And A Wrist Strap That Sends Audio Through Your Fingertip At CES

Samsung's Creative Lab, an outlet for their talent to work on external projects, is starting to bear fruit. Three of those projects will be shown off at CES 2016 next week and they are interesting to say the least. Samsung is treating these as startup projects, with one being manufactured by a new and technically separate company, and the units at CES will not be production quality but rather are being used to assess their market potential.

WELT is what the smart belt is being called. It will be geared towards the health and fitness crowd, tracking activities and daily habits with instant and continuous feedback on waist size.

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Fuhu Just Went Insane And Announced Some TV-Sized Tablets

When Fuhu announced the 20- and 24-inch Big Tabs, we all kind of chuckled and gave them a pass. Surely kids would like huge tablets, right? I think so. But now things are just getting out of hand - the company just announced 32, 43, 55, and 65-inch Big Tabs. Tablets the size of TVs. It's insanity, I say.


All of the Big Tab XL models are capable of doubling as TVs (thankfully), which makes them a little more justifiable. Unfortunately there isn't any info on pricing at the moment, but Fuhu expects them to be priced a bit higher than comparable HDTVs.

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Fugoo Announces The XL, A Beast Of A Speaker That's Four Times Larger Than The Original

Beats Pill and Beats Pill XL. Ultimate Ears BOOM and Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM. Motorola Moto X and Nexus 6. People apparently like small things that are later made into bigger things. Fugoo realizes this, so it recently announced the Fugoo XL, a massive new speaker in the Fugoo line.


Now, you may or may not remember the Fugoo speaker from when I reviewed (and loved) it back in May of 2014. If not, you can go back and read that review now. Done? OK, great. Let's move on.

The Fugoo XL is four times the size of the original Fugoo, making it pretty dang big.

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Lenovo Reveals The Super Cheap TAB 2 A7-10 And A7-30 7-Inch Tablets, Starting At $99

It's not hard to find an Android tablet for less than a hundred bucks - head down to your nearest drugstore and there's a decent chance you'll see one. The trick is finding one that's worth using at that price. While most of these ultra-cheap tablets are no-name Chinese models, Lenovo just announced a pair of new 7-inchers in the A Series starting at only a single Benjamin. I guess that would make them name brand Chinese tablets, but hey, Lenovo beats whatever company is using the Polaroid license this year.


Both the TAB 2A7-10 and the A7-30 are essentially identical, but the latter and more expensive one features a 3G radio and calling support, essentially making it a giant phone.

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Sony Announces 14 New BRAVIA Televisions Running Android TV At CES 2015

Dedicated technology newshounds have already heard that all of Sony's upcoming BRAVIA televisions will feature Android TV powering their integrated electronics. At CES, the biggest show around in terms of home theater (among other things), they've made good on that promise. Don't believe me? Watch these attractive people over-emote and demonstrate a BRAVIA television's Google Cast feature and ability to play games from the Play Store.

Android TV runs these TVs, including the various inputs and live television, in a manner similar to some Roku-branded HDTVs already on the market. They have a few Sony enhancements, of course. They include built-in apps for convergent activities like photo sharing.

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