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Haier, owner of GE Appliances, announces Android TVs at CES 2018

If you don't follow the thrilling and fast-paced world of home appliances, you might be forgiven for never having heard of a company called Haier. The China-based consumer electronics and home appliance manufacturer made headlines in 2016 when it announced it would be buying General Electric's appliance division for $5.4 billion. Aside from making kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwave ovens, Haier's product line also includes washers, air conditioners, televisions, and even computers, smartphones, and Chromebooks.

One year ago, at CES 2017, Haier announced their first TV sets that came with Chromecast built in. Of course, Chromecast support allows users to stream or mirror content from their smartphones, but it isn't always as convenient as a full-fledged smart TV system with something like Android TV built in — which is precisely what Haier is showcasing at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

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LG's next OLED and SUPER UHD TVs will have Google Assistant in some countries

In the TV segment, LG has a great leg up Samsung's. Its OLED TVs have been praised for many years for their excellent displays and beautiful colors. Now LG is taking another step toward improving its product lineup by introducing ThinQ AI. ThinQ has been the company's smart home brand for a few years already, starting with the SmartThinQ Hub and ending recently with the announcement of the ThinQ speaker with Google Assistant.

But let's start with the visual aspects first. The 2018 lineup of OLED TVs from LG will use a new α (Alpha) 9 processor which promises richer colors, better sharpness, and more realism, whereas the 2018 portfolio of SUPER UHD TVs will have Nano Cell Full-Array Local Dimming for deeper blacks, better shadows, and an image quality that tries to push even closer to OLED.

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JVCKENWOOD will have a pair of wireless Android Auto-capable head units on display at CES

Android Auto makes the in-car experience a lot nicer (at least when it's not bugging out), but it's tedious to have to plug your phone in every time you get in the car just to use it. We've been hoping for a wireless solution for some time now, and it seems like it's finally becoming a reality. JVCKENWOOD will have two receivers capable of wireless Android Auto on display at CES 2018.

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