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2FA apps like Google Authenticator reportedly vulnerable to malware snooping

Using app-generated one-time passcodes (OTPs) is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to add a second authentication layer to all your online accounts and services. They eliminate almost any chances of an unauthorized person accessing your accounts even if they’ve got hold of your passwords. But it would be a scary situation if the passcodes within those apps were compromised, and that's just the threat Google Authenticator is facing right now thanks to some banking malware.

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Paid Cerberus 'lifetime' licenses are expiring, customers are mad (Update: Complaints deleted from forum)

Four years after Cerberus made headlines when it invalidated free lifetime licenses, the device security app is back in the spotlight for the same questionable business practices. This time, it has begun to revoke paid lifetime licenses, partly without informing customers beforehand.

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Google demands Cerberus anti-theft app to be less stealthy

While Google provides its own tracking and anti-theft service through Android Device Manager, some users prefer third-party tools. One of these is Cerberus, a powerful and customizable anti-theft app that has been around for years. While in operation, it can completely hide any evidence that the phone is being tracked (even faking a shut-down), thus giving owners more time to get their stolen devices back.

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Cerberus is working on a personal safety app called Persona

Cerberus has been one of the most popular device security apps over the years, and the developers are now looking to protect more than your phone. Persona is a "personal safety" app that can instantly share your location in the event of an emergency. This service is included with Cerberus, so subscribers are already set as soon as the app goes live.

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Cerberus v3.5 adds 'fake shutdown' feature to fool phone thieves

Every Android phone has a built-in capability to send out its location in the event it's lost or stolen, and the same goes for iPhones. This has led some phone thieves to immediately turn off phones as soon as they get their hands on them. A new update to the security app Cerberus aims to fool the thief with a "fake shutdown" message.

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Cerberus anti theft gets fingerprint sensor support, Android N features, and bug fixes in version 3.4


Cerberus Website Gets A Substantial Material Redesign

Some of you may think of Cerberus as a three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hell. Others may think of a service that can track down your phone and lock it as necessary. One of the two has decided to embrace material design.

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[Update: Official Statement] Many Cerberus Free 'Lifetime' Licenses Are Expiring In A Few Days Because Developers Gotta Eat

Cerberus is one of the more full-featured device security apps available on Android. It has more features than Android Device Manager, and more importantly it existed years before Google's solution. The developer has occasionally offered free lifetime licenses for the app, but now users are seeing that their "lifetime" licenses are set to expire in a few days. What gives?


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Cerberus Anti Theft Adds Bluetooth AutoTask Functions And Dual-SIM Support For Android 5.1

Cerberus is a popular app that extends Android's tracking and anti-theft abilities with a host of new tools. Developer LSDroid tends to release updates often, and the latest one fixes an important bug and adds a few more features. Notably, Cerberus can now disable your phone's ability to lower the status bar on the lockscreen, where the Quick Settings menu displays by default in Android 5.0 and 5.1. That will keep thieves from easily disconnecting from Wi-Fi or data networks.

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The AutoTask function has been extended to work with various Bluetooth triggers. AutoTask can react to certain conditions like an incorrect PIN or a low battery setting by enabling or disabling certain functions, or locking down the phone.

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Cerberus Anti-Theft App Updated With Android Wear Support And Lollipop Administrator Privileges

Cerberus is a solid little app that makes it easy (or at least easier) to find/lock your phone or tablet if it's lost or stolen. The app has accumulated over a million downloads on the Play Store, so clearly it has earned some loyal users. The update to version 3.1 adds a couple of crucial features: full support for both Android Wear and Android 5.0. If you have either one, you'll appreciate the added functionality.

2015-03-07 17.13.12

For Android Wear, Cerberus can send an alert to your watch to let you know when it's lost a connection with the phone or tablet. Wear has this functionality built-in, but it's more of a notification than a "your phone is being stolen" alert.

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