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T-Mobile quietly launches LTE CellSpot V2 and Signal Booster Duo

T-Mobile has done a lot to improve its network in recent years, but there are still places where you can't get a good signal. The carrier has long offered devices to boost signal, and it quietly snuck out some new versions of them this month. T-Mobile is now offering the CellSpot V2 and Signal Booster Duo to qualifying customers for (mostly) free.

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As Promised, T-Mobile's Personal CellSpot Routers And Gogo In-Flight Texting Are Now Available

T-Mobile unveiled several Wi-Fi initiatives as part of Un-Carrier 7.0 that it hopes will help fill in the gaps where its network is weak and even extend coverage to places its towers have no chance of reaching. To make things better, one part of its plan doesn't ask T-Mobile customers for money, while the other is free with an asterisk. Both are publicly available starting today.

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Let's get the latter one cleared up first. Part of this plan, known as Wi-Fi Unleashed, involves offering up $25 CellSpot (rebranded Asus RT-AC68U routers) that consumers can use with phones that support Wi-Fi calling. The price is fully refundable, and you can pick up the doodad from a local carrier store.

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