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Chromecast HDMI CEC support is broken for some users, Google working on a fix

Back in 2015, Google updated the Chromecast to support HDMI CEC, which allows users to control their devices connected via HDMI with just one remote. Instead of pulling out your phone or tablet for every minor action, some controls (like playing/pausing) can be done through your TV's remote.

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[APK Teardown] Google Chromecast App - News, Offers, and Google+ Photo Backgrounds, And An Old 'Universal' Remote

Chromecast is one of the slicker devices to come out of Google HQ in a while. After you're all set up, just tap a button on YouTube or Netflix, and BAM, whatever you were watching is now on your television. It's really awesome.

For the researchy-types like me, the Chromecast comes with two piece of software to dig through. The first is the physical device software, which, while it is sort-of Android based, it's only Android-based at the low level. While that has some interesting things going on like dev and beta channels, there aren't any APKs to decompile, so it's really not my department.

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