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CBS All Access will change its terrible name in 2021

CBS All Access might have had the most lukewarm reception of a new streaming service to date when it launched in late 2014, though the mountain of new terrible Star Trek shows has given it periodic bumps in subscriber counts. Now that CBS has merged with Viacom (after splitting in 2005), the combined media conglomerate is preparing to re-launch CBS All Access with more content and a new name.

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CBS All Access updated with HDR support on Android TV

According to the changelog for an update that is now rolling out, CBS All Access for Android TV now supports HDR content, though your mileage may vary. We installed the latest update on a Hisense H8G Android TV, which supports HDR formats including Dolby Vision through other streaming services, and it didn't seem to work for content known to be available in that format on other platforms.

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Which streaming services are the best value right now?

You've probably (hopefully!) been spending a lot of time at home lately, and that likely means watching a lot of TV. If you're trying to get the most bang for your entertainment buck, you've got a lot of options starting at the low, low price of free. These are some of the best values in video streaming available today.

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You can watch every episode of Star Trek ever for free for two months (Updated)

If you've run out of stuff to watch on Netflix while you're "working" from home, you're in luck. Patrick Stewart — real-life Picard — has announced that CBS All Access is offering a free month of service for anyone who signs up by April 23 and uses promo code GIFT.

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NFL games are coming to CBS All Access on mobile

CBS has announced that its streaming video service, CBS All Access, will stream NFL games to mobile devices beginning with the 2018 season, including Super Bowl LIII. CBS All Access has streamed NFL games since 2016, but this season marks the first during which they'll be available to watch on smartphones.

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CBS All Access v3.0 brings a new design, account support, and more

CBS All Access subscribers can now enjoy a redesigned and much-improved version of the Android app. The 3.0 update brings a brand new look, support for your CBS account, the ability to stream three channels of live TV, and more.

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[Update: CWTV too, maybe] CBS All Access support seems to be live in Google Home

Like promised at Google I/O, the Google Home team has been rolling support for more music services (Spotify free, Deezer), but the new video services were yet to be seen. If you own a Google Home, you could control Netflix and send random YouTube video searches to your TV, but not more. Google had promised HBO Now, Hulu, CBS All Access, CW, and more would come and now one of them seems to be available: CBS All Access.

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CBS All Access to launch in Canada next year, with more countries to follow

The TV landscape has shifted an enormous amount in the past decade. We've gone from requiring a TV subscription to watch almost any new show, to centralizing everything on services like Netflix, to every major TV network creating their own subscription service. CBS launched its 'All Access' site in 2014, allowing users to stream content the day after it airs, and the company is looking to expand it outside the United States.

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Report: Google reaches agreement with CBS for 'Unplugged' web TV service - Fox and Disney may follow

The future of cable cutting, getting rid of expensive cable or satellite television service in favor or more economical web subscriptions, is murky. Currently users need to choose between competing libraries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other big-name streamers, or negate some of the savings of cable cutting by subscribing to multiple services. Some newer offerings like SlingTV and PlayStation Vue are bridging the gap, and it looks like Google wants to join them, according to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal.

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CBS Releases An Android TV App For 'All Access' Subscribers

It seems awfully strange that services like Hulu and the various TV apps require you to pay or log in to access content, especially when that content originally aired for free on terrestrial television. They broadcast the shows with ads in the first place, and they're making money on the ads embedded in the streaming video too, so why put up any barrier to entry and lower your potential revenue? CBS, the self-styled "Most-Watched Network in America," takes this one step further with a full, Netflix-style paid service just for its shows. It's called CBS All Access, and it costs $5.99 a month.

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