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The FCC just opened up the 3.5GHz band 48 for 4G and 5G use

The FCC has just authorized the commercial deployment of the 3.5GHz CBRS bands, approving its use by four companies from the CBRS alliance, including Google, and paving the way a whole new chunk of cellular frequencies here in the states. The new spectrum will be commercialized by OnGo, a cellular service/interoperability standard championed by CBRS Alliance. In short, this means some of us here in the 'states will soon have access to a whole new band of data.

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Google working to open recently-freed wireless spectrum for shared use

A big chunk of the 3.5GHz spectrum in the US—called Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or CBRS for short—is being opened up for use later this year. Originally used by the US military, the FCC decided in 2015 that the frequencies could be put to better, shared use without obstructing its current applications like Navy radar. And, according to Bloomberg, Google's building the systems that will allow for seamless use of these new frequencies.

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