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US Customs doubles down on OnePlus Buds seizure, says they violate Apple trademark

In a response sent to Android Police, US Customs and Border Protection has indicated it does not intend release a shipment containing thousands of OnePlus Buds headphones back to OnePlus. Instead, the agency is doubling down on its decision to seize the offending earphones, saying that they violate Apple's trade dress for its signature AirPods.

Somewhat notably, Apple's initial filings for trade dress of its headphones were denied by the USPTO, but later successfully registered after that decision was contested. Trade dress, which is a type of trademark that protects the distinctive look and feel of a product (as opposed to a name or logo), is often cited when in seizures of counterfeit goods.

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US government seizes thousands of 'counterfeit Apple Airpods' that are actually OnePlus Buds

US Customs and Border Protection racked up a win late last month, according to its most recent press release. On August 31st, the agency seized 2,000 counterfeit "Apple Airpod Earbuds" destined for Nevada at New York's JFK International Airport. The only problem: those are OnePlus Buds, as you can see in the poor images DHS provided.

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U.S. Mobile Passport updated to v2.0, brings support for cruise ships

It's a big travel time in many parts of the world, especially in the United States. If you're an international traveler, I hear that the lines to enter through U.S. customs can be pretty ridiculous. We have talked about the Mobile Passport app before here on Android Police, since it's awesome for those who have a U.S. passport or Canadian B1/B2 visas. This update brings with it cruise ship support, allowing travelers to enter the country via sea.

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Mobile Passport Expands To Miami's MIA And Seattle's SEA Airports