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BEAM is a $99 smart wearable button with an AMOLED screen

Every once in a while, you want to make sure that your opinion on a subject is perfectly clear. Pins have long been used for protests, elections, and other favored causes. The idea might not be for everyone, but I'm sure we're all familiar with the concept, at least. And now a company called BEAM Authentic has released a self-titled product that lets you broadcast anything from a customized message or logo to an endless stream of cat GIFs from a battery-powered AMOLED screen on your chest. 

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Google Updates One Today App To v1.5 With 'Pay It Forward' Option So Others Can Determine Which Causes Your Money Goes Toward

Most of Google's apps offer ways for us to enhance the quality of our own lives, whether it's through improved communication, managing documents, or just browsing the web through Chrome. One Today, an Android app the company launched over a year ago, turns this around by empowering us to actively help others instead. The core idea here is to donate a dollar a day to a different charity (today's is an adopt an afternoon lesson program through Develop Africa), but there's no reason to stop there. The more generous among us (or those with extra money) can choose to donate elsewhere, and with the latest app update, there's a new "Pay It Forward" option so that people can provide funds for others to allocate.

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It's Not Just You - Google Play Services Seems To Be A Battery Hog Today

If you're noticing some fishy battery behavior today, and it looks like Google Play Services is the culprit, you aren't alone. Throughout the day, users have been reporting extraordinary battery use by the usually innocuous services app, accounting for up to 50% of battery usage. It would seem that, for reasons unknown, Play Services is keeping users' devices awake for incredible lengths of time. Some users report that location is disabled on their devices, ruling that out as a suspect for the increased battery drain. Others simply ask "why?"

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Image: Thomas Gatt, Vidit Parab, Luan Baruti, Maximilian Enck

Some have suggested stopping the app and clearing data, but this is likely only a temporary fix, if that.

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Google Invites Users To 'Do A Little, Change A Lot' With Charity-Minded One Today App

Google has just launched a new app that brings a charitable side to the Play Store, making it easier than ever to – in Google's words – "do a little. Change a lot."

The basic idea behind the app (which, for now, is limited to the US) is that users can donate $1 at a time to a daily project such as saving cheetahs, bringing clean water to those in need, or providing a roof for school children. That's not all it does, though – users can track their "impact," and almost gamify the process by challenging friends to match contributions or sharing their good deed via social media.

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