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Google Photos is rolling out identification and photo grouping for your dogs and cats

One of Google Photos' main selling points is how easily and accurately it can identify faces in photos and group them together. The face recognition is seriously impressive, and it saves a lot of time when you're looking in your library for pictures of a specific person. Now, as we first saw in a teardown, Google is rolling out the same feature for cats and dogs, allowing you to easily locate photos of your furry friends.

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Subscribe To All The Things With New Pushbullet Integration On Android Police

In case you haven't noticed, there's a new button at the bottom of each post on Android Police these days. The green "subscribe" button appearing across from tags brings new Pushbullet integration to the site, and who doesn't love Pushbullet?

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[Cattitude] For Nap Cats Watch Face, It's Always Nap'O'Clock

You're not alone. We all feel the catrocious weight of our daily grind, from early meowning until late evening, and by the time the clock strikes a dozin' bells, we're ready to roll over on our work stations and catipulate. Evidence supporting:


But if you're in pussyssion of an Android Wear watch and you find yourself kitten tired the entire time, you'll deem this very nappropriate. It has pastail colored lazy cat doodles fur every day of the week, with hours labeled as naps, some in catslock and others in lower cats.


This siestacular face works on both circular and square watches and comes with a darkly catmospheric ambient mode.

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Naughty Kitties Arrives On Android To Shoot Aliens, Play With Balls Of String

The name "Naughty Kitties" is not particularly descriptive. Is it some sort of game or a seedy strip club? It's a game this time, and actually a rather fun one. It bills itself as a combination of endless runner and tower defense, but it's more strategic than you might think.

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Superfish's PetMatch Uses Your Camera To Pair You With The Pet Of Your Dreams

When it comes to looking for love, finding a match isn't always easy. This is true of people, and it applies to pets as well. Superfish's PetMatch app tries to cut down on the amount of time it takes to find a companion. Users open the app, snap a picture of the kind of dog or cat they're looking for, and peruse a list of similar ones just waiting for someone to come along and adopt them.

Superfish specializes in the development of image recognition software, and the company has come out with a couple of ways of utilizing this capability. WindowShopper (not available for Android) helps consumers find products similar to something they have a photo of, and PetMatch extends the concept to pets.

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[New Game] HandyGames Releases Ninja Hero Cats, A Tale Of Fierce Armed Felines Saving The World

Game developer HandyGames has released a collection of titles ranging from topics as diverse as fending off Nazis in World War 2 to solving puzzles as a happy Viking to protecting your farm from aliens. If there's one thing each of these games has in common, it's wackiness. So when I say that the company's next game centers around cats, know that this won't be a Nintendogs-style experience. No, these are ninja cats. Ninja Hero Cats, to be precise.

Cats1 Cats2 Cats3


People love cats. And do you know what else they love? Ninjas. Just make all the characters heroic, and viola - we have the premise for a game.

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[New Game] Bombcats: Special Edition Explodes Into The Play Store With No In-App Purchases, Lots Of Cats

Cats do all sorts of cool stuff. They sleep, they eat, they occasionally tolerate human contact, and they turn into furry little bombs to save their kittens (disclaimer: real cats do not do this). Bombcats has arrived on Android, and it was revamped just for us. On iOS this game built around in-app purchases, but on Android the "Special Edition" comes with a single up-front price.

3 1 2

What is Bombcats? Take Angry Birds, add a ton more gameplay mechanics, and also make them cats. There are seven different cats in the game, each with its own special ability. The game comes with 194 levels, which should keep you busy for a while.

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Dell Streak Source Code Released, World Shrugs

Not a whole lot to see here, folks: Dell has honored its obligation and released the source code for the Streak (sans the proprietary bits). The benefits of this are the same as they were when Samsung released the source code for the Epic, so I'll just quote what I said then:

What does this mean to you? That devs can begin to tweak the software based off the stock build, and it can make developing a custom ROM a bit easier.

Exciting? Not really, so here's a picture of a cat:


Because it's relevant.

[Source: Dell via Android Central]

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