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CAT's ultra-durable Android phones are $30-250 off right now at B&H Photo

Caterpillar Inc (better known as 'CAT') makes tractors, excavators, trucks, engines, and... smartphones. Actually, the phones are manufactured by Bullitt Group, but they retain the company's focus on durability. If you want a phone that can survive a six-foot drop onto concrete with no damage, the entire lineup of CAT phones is on sale at B&H Photo.

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[Hands-on] The Cat S61 is a more refined rugged smartphone

The Cat S60 of 2016 was a decidedly interesting phone, and it was good in context. The Cat S60 was not intended to compete with a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone—it was big, heavy, and had a built-in thermal camera. The new Cat S61 is much the same, but the design is more refined, and the thermal camera is more powerful. It still feels more like a tool than a traditional smartphone, but whereas the Cat S60 was a cheap Craftsman hammer from Sears, the Cat S61 is a high-end professional tool.

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The Cat S61 packs an improved FLIR thermal camera and rugged design

The Cat-branded S60 was a very interesting phone, even if it wasn't the best phone for most people. This phone was the first and only Android device to have an integrated FLIR thermal camera, but it won't be the only one for long. Now, Cat is following it up with the Cat S61. It has a lot in common with the S60 (as the name implies), but all the specs have gotten a boost—even the thermal camera.

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Cat S41 packs in a 5000mAh battery for 44 days standby and charging lesser phones

When you think of powerful phones, it's natural to imagine a phone with the pixel-pushing power to handle tasks like Daydream VR or some graphically intensive game. The Cat S41 has an entirely different type of power, however. The comparatively massive 5000 mAh battery can be used to charge phones with batteries that just can't handle the rugged use cases of the rugged users of rugged phones.

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[Purrfection] Google Photos can make a cat-themed video of your beloved feline pics

Google Photos does a lot of smart things with your photos and hides plenty of cool and cute easter eggs. One of these just came to our attention — it may be new or it may have been there for months/years. Either way, we hadn't seen it before today so we thought we'd share it with you.

If you take a lot of pics of cats, which you probably do if you have cats and you love keeping the meowmories of every ridiculous thing they do, then Google Photos will make a video out of them. But it's not a regular video, it's a cat-themed one, complete with "meow meow meow" singing and a cute paw animation at the end.

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Of course there is already a petition for Google to bring back the old cat emoji in Android O

As you may know, Android O changes the entire set of system emojis, turning the famous 'blob' faces into more generic circles. However, a lesser known casualty of this change was the cat emoji - which has also been radically changed. Someone has started a petition on to bring back the old cat, which is currently sitting at 153 signatures.

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Cat S60 review: The only phone that gives you Predator vision

The Cat S60 is the very first Cat phone we've reviewed on Android Police, and it should be obvious why. These are niche devices that mainstream consumers mostly don't care about. They can take a beating, but they're also big and heavy. The S60 isn't necessarily different in that respect, but it does have one very interesting feature that other phones don't—this is the first phone with a built-in FLIR thermal camera. It would be silly to compare the Cat S60 (manufactured under license by Bullitt Group) directly to a phone like the Galaxy S7 or HTC 10, although the $600 price tag is in the same ballpark as those phones.

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Cat S60 Thermal Camera Phone Pre-Orders Starting In June Along With SDK Availability

The Cat S60 was announced earlier this year as the first phone to have one of FLIR's thermal camera sensors built right in. The phone does look a little bulbous, but it's not bad compared to a lot of Cat's other rugged phones. Anyone looking to pick up this unusual device should start saving now. Pre-orders are going to start next month.

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The Cat S60 Is The First Phone With A FLIR Thermal Camera Built-In

The FLIR One thermal camera is pretty neat, but it's not exactly convenient to plug it into your USB port all the time. Now, Cat has announced the first phone that has FLIR's thermal imaging technology built-in, the Cat S60. The specs actually look a bit more in-step with modern Android phones than I'd expect, and it has all the usual Cat ruggedized features.

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TWRP Adds Support For The Z3 Compact, CAT B15Q, Samsung Galaxy J7 (Exynos), And Oppo R7 Plus