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The Play Store gives users a new cash payment option

A few days ago, we reported that the Play Store is beginning to offer a new payment option for users. Starting in Mexico, users can top up their balance at a convenience store, so they don't need to have a credit card, carrier billing, or any other payment method linked to their account. At I/O, Google officially introduced the feature and explained how it works.

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Top up your Google Play balance with cash at convenience stores, starting in Mexico

For users around the world, there are different ways to pay for purchases on Google Play. The most widely supported method is a credit card, but that's far from a ubiquitous possession in many countries. That's why Google Play offers carrier billing, Paypal integration, gift cards, and various other ways to simplify paying for apps, games, and other digital goods. But the easiest way of all is cash, and this is how you could soon start topping up your Play balance.

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Chase customers can now withdraw cash using Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Mobile payments, neat as they are, are pretty commonplace. It seems like just about everywhere lets you buy stuff with your phone, whether through a standalone platform like Google Pay, or a proprietary app like Starbucks and Target have. What's less commonplace, though, is the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs using your phone. Now, Chase customers can do exactly that.

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Amazon Cash lets you shop on Amazon without a debit or credit card.

Amazon has rolled out a new service today aimed at making it easier to shop online with cash. Well, indirectly. It's actually making it easier to turn your cash into Amazon money. Amazon Cash lets you transfer cash into your Amazon account, which can then be used to buy things from the retailer. No credit? No problem.

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Google Opinion Rewards Is Now Available In Spain

Last Tuesday I got a top of the line McLaren F1 from earning $16020 these last four weeks while working 3–4 hours a day, all in the comfort of my living room couch. This is definitely the coolest work I have ever done. Without any question it's the most financially rewarding I've had. I started this 4 months ago and practically straight away began to bring home over $97 per hour. Visit this weblink to start immediately.

Alright, I'm kidding.

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Prices For Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, And Chromecast Across The Globe

Last year's lineup aside, a good balance of specs and price has become a hallmark of Google's Nexus line, but this year not everyone around the world will be getting the same bang for their buck.If you live in Europe, you may end up paying over 40% more for a Nexus phone than stateside, and you won't receive Google's $50 Play credit either.

We've gathered the prices from several countries for both Nexus phones, as well as the Chromecast, and arranged the numbers out in the table below for your viewing pleasure. The prices in each cell are shown in US dollars first so you can sort each column to compare figures. There are still a few gaps in the table, so feel free to share any other numbers you know and we'll add them in.

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Square's 'Cash' App Hits Version 2, Makes Sending Money To Other Users Even Easier

Mobile technology has done a lot to simplify life in many ways, which includes sending money and paying bills. As much as it sucks to hand over all those moneydollars, Square's Cash app eases the pain a little bit by making it a painless process. Today's update brings the app up to version 2, which adds a handful of new features and improvements.

Everything is better in Cash 2.0!
  • Send cash to any mobile phone number via text message.
  • Faster, optimized sending interface.
  • Import your address book for quick contact selection.
  • Add a note to your payments.
  • Choose push notifications, text messages, or email notifications.
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[New App] Square Launches Its New Square Cash Service With Matching Android App For Super-Easy Payments Via Email

There are exactly 242 ways to send money to someone over the internet now, but Square thinks it has found an angle no one else has worked yet. Square Cash is a new way to get money from your bank account to someone else's, and it relies on sending an email. Not impressed? The thing is, that's all you have to do.

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To use Cash, just send an email to the person you want to give the money to with the amount in the subject line, and make sure you CC [email protected]. The email goes off, then your acquaintance/friend/bookie can deposit the money directly in their bank account.

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Sending Money With Gmail Is Live, You Just Need To Be Invited - Here's How (US Only)

A few days ago Google announced this crazy new feature that allows you to attach actual money to Gmail messages. We've discovered the feature is actually up and running, you just have to be invited!

To get invited, someone just has to send you some amount of money over Gmail - a penny will do fine. So, find someone who has access to it, give them your email, receive a penny, and you're in!


If you happen to find someone who has access, and they send you a penny, you'll get an email like this. Clicking on "claim money" will take you to the special wallet site that gives you access.

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Google Shifts Developer Payments To The 15th Of Every Month, Provides A Transition Schedule To Help Devs Pay Rent

If you make money on the Play Store, you should probably check your email. Google is sending out a notification to developers to let them know that in the future, payments will be sent out on a 15 day delay instead of the one or two days the company has been using for a while. What does this mean for you? Well, if selling apps is a primary source of income for you, then you'll want to do some planning. Before you panic, though, Google is implementing an intermediary schedule to make the transition a little easier.

Here's how it works.

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