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Adult Swim's Android app finally supports Chromecast

It's not a stretch to say that Chromecast support was the single most requested feature in the Adult Swim app. For years many people, including myself, have been lamenting the lack of Google's streaming integration in the service. And now, finally, it's here. As of today's update, you can stream Adult Swim content from the app to your Chromecast, and they've even added a Twitch-style live chat system for specific content. This is the best news so far this year. 

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[Update: App is available] Time Warner will offer classic cartoon addicts an ad-free Boomerang subscription for $5 a month this spring

If were lucky enough to have cable TV back in the 90s (and you were around the right age and/or state of mind) you probably remember countless hours of Cartoon Network. The fledgling channel was nothing less than a classical education in the golden age of Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera shows. Eventually Cartoon Network filled up with its own original programming, but the classic shorts and Saturday morning cartoons moved over to a sister channel, Boomerang, which is still showing off the good stuff.

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Animation Throwdown is available to all after geo-limited beta

Fans of animated things on the Fox network and in-app purchases have reason to celebrate today. After a geo-limited test period, Animation Throwdown is live in the Play Store for everyone. It's a collectible card game with all the animated characters and in-app purchases Fox can legally cram into a single product.

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