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Children's card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is now live worldwide in the Play Store

If you went to middle school at the same time as me, you might remember Yu-Gi-Oh. It's that show about a kid with an alien starfish attached to his brain that makes him hallucinate about ancient Egyptian playing cards destroying the world. (That's how I remember it, anyway.) Amazingly the twenty-year-old franchise is still around, and quite a lot of people seem to be continuing to play the associated Magic: The Gathering-inspired card game - enough that Konami, otherwise more or less uninterested in non-Pachinko games, has released a new mobile version.

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[I'm Mister Meeseeks, Look At Me!] Help Me Get This Vinyl Skin On My Nexus 6P [Ooh, Yeah! Can Do!]

Attention citizens of Earth dimension... uh, which dimension is this one again? Anyway, all you lower carbon-based life forms down there. This is Archie Florboops the 68th, the sector representative of the Galactic Government, and I have a very important announcement to make. By the way, life on other planets exists. Try not to let it distract you.

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YouTube And Halfbrick Studios Announce Fruit Ninja Animated Series

You know, it's not as if cartoons based on video games are new. Mario. Sonic. Mega Man. Excuuuse Me Princess Zelda. The thing is, I don't think I can recall any of those ever being good. Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick Studios seems intent on following in the steps of Rovio and ZeptoLab by adapting its most popular game into a TV series. Interestingly, the company is partnering with YouTube to do it.

The kid-focused Fruit Ninja series will be thirteen episodes of eleven minutes each, which is a sizeable commitment even for relatively inexpensive CG animation. According to the Australian company's press release, the series will be aimed at 6-to-10 year olds and their parents, and it will be accessible from the specialized YouTube Kids app and the various Fruit Ninja games on Android and other platforms.

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Following Deadly Attack, French Satirical Newspaper Charlie Hebdo Makes Sold-Out Print Edition Available On The Play Store

Warning: the following story contains images that may be considered offensive by some readers.

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper that was attacked by gunman last week causing the deaths of twelve people, has published its latest newspaper edition on the Play Store. The "survivor's edition" has rapidly sold out in print despite an enormous initial run, so interested readers in France and around the world now have a more accessible alternative. The edition is available as a stand-alone app in French only, though an English translation may be available soon.


On January 7th, two armed men attacked the Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, killing twelve people including ten employees and two policemen.

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[New Game] Cartoon Network Releases The Regular Show-Based Game The Great Prank War For $3 With No IAPs

Cartoon Network has released The Great Prank War simultaneously for Android (including Amazon) and iOS, and to make things sweeter, the game retails for $2.99 without any in-app purchases. For Regular Show fans, that makes this an experience to be enjoyed without the anxiety.

The Great Prank War is a fierce battle over control of a park, with the manager of a rival area having gone back in time to alter history and place both establishments under his domain. Now players must take control over various characters from the show and wage war in this hybrid tower defense strategy game where the challenge consists of destroying the enemy's fortifications while protecting their own (Swords and Soldiers comes to mind here).

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[New Game] Cartoon Network's 'Wrath Of Psychobos - Ben 10' Morphs Into A Portable Adventure Now Available For Android

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, which means there will be many kids who need something to occupy their time while parents drone on and on about family, politics, and football. Cartoon Network is here to help. They've dropped Wrath of Psychobos - Ben 10 into the Play Store, complete with visuals reminiscent of the hit TV show.

Ben1 Ben2


The game is deeper than first impressions would suggest, with over 30 levels within diverse environments spread across multiple planets. Players take control of Ben, who can transform into various aliens, or Rook, who can wield such weapons as a laser bow, energy sword, or proto shield.

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[New Game] Ghost Toasters Calls On The Cast Of Regular Show To Slay Phantoms, Because The Ghostbusters Couldn't Be Bothered

Combatting ghosts in difficult work. The Ghostbusters have been doing it since 1984, and frankly, they're tired. Lately Luigi has tried to pick up the slack, choosing to confront them head-on with his Poltergust 3000, rather than flee like his attention-hogging brother. Yet at the end of the day, there are too many ghosts for one plumber to handle, so Nintendo's taking a break, and Cartoon Network is bringing in the cast from Regular Show to stop a ghostly invasion in the mobile platform shooter, Ghost Toasters.



There are 13 characters to choose from, which should cover most of the usual stars of the show.

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Pokémon TV Arrives On Android, Streams A Rotating Selection Of Episodes For Free

There's little doubt that Pokémon is the very best at separating parents from money. Like no franchise ever was. Getting Nintendo to relinquish control of content, though, is a real test. It doesn't generally stream its show for free without good cause. Today, however, it's available across the land. The animated series can now be streamed to Android handsets far and wide.


pokemontv2 pokemontv3 pokemontv4

Admittedly Pokémon licensing is something I don't understand, but it's pretty powerful that this app has free episodes inside. It's not the complete series, but it's probably enough Pokémon for you and me.  I haven't seen the show since high school, but I knew a reunion was destiny.

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[New Game] Super Falling Fred Brings More Speed, Traps, And Blood Than The Original Game

Man, this guy just can't catch a break, can he? As if there wasn't enough blood shed from our favorite death-defying ginger in the original Falling Fred and Running Fred after that, he's back for a third round in Super Falling Fred. Like the first, your goal is to make it from the top of a rather large shaft to the bottom without getting sliced by lasers, smashed by chomping doors, or impaled by giant spikey rollers.

The new version includes new traps, upgradable skills, and brand new avatars. If you feel like the red-headed victim has had enough, you can take out your frustrations with a sparkly vampire, an androgynous pop-star, a guy that doesn't seem to think that Cleveland rocks all that much, or Cameron*.

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[New Game] Legends Of Loot Gives Players A "Not-So-Typical" Adventure Experience

Majesco Entertainment is asking Android users if they are ready to "become a legend" with Legends of Loot, released to the Play Store today.

Legends of Loot, as you may expect from glancing at the icon above, is a humorous, cartoonish, "not-so-typical" take on the adventure game genre. The game, which promises players will "quickly develop into grand adventurers" as they progress through each environment, follows a plucky protagonist who must face off against evil dragon overlords while solving "mind-bending" puzzles and traversing mazes and traps in Egyptian, Medieval, and Asian environments across close to one hundred levels.

Legends' control scheme is based on touch gestures and accelerometer movement, allowing players to intuitively attack enemies or dodge oncoming attacks.

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