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T-Mobile tweaks upcoming T-Mobile One plan with faster hotspot speeds, HD video day passes, and more

T-Mobile has caught a lot of flak since it announced the new T-Mobile One plan, which it promotes as unlimited. There are a surprising number of limits, though. To counter the criticism, T-Mobile has announced a few changes to One, but some of those changes are simply opportunities to give T-Mobile more money for features you already have.

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Sprint announces Unlimited Freedom plan with no data cap, but throttled video, music, and gaming

T-Mobile made a big change to its plans yesterday by getting rid of all of them except for T-Mobile One, which offers unlimited data. There are a number of big drawbacks to that plan, but Sprint likes the sound of those drawbacks, so it has followed suit with a plan called Unlimited Freedom. It's a lot like One, but a few bucks cheaper with a slightly different set of restrictions.

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T-Mobile announces T-Mobile One, a single unlimited data plan with a surprising number of caveats

T-Mobile just announced a surprise Uncarrier program that will do away with all its current plans. Instead, there's only one plan that T-Mobile is calling T-Mobile One. It has unlimited data, which is great. However, it's not really an unlimited plan. There are plenty of limits that you should be aware of.

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Republic Wireless begins offering SIM cards so you can bring your own phone

Republic Wireless unleashed a raft of new phones to go along with its new GSM network agreement recently, and now the other shoe drops. In addition to buying a phone from Republic, you can bring your own. It still has to be on the approved list, though.

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Republic Wireless launches new smartphone portfolio today including Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7, Moto G4, and more

For years, Republic Wireless has offered inexpensive plans and interesting WiFi calling features, but the selection of phones was extremely limited. That changes today. After announcing a new GSM network partner and smartphone portfolio, both are live today. You can pick up devices like the Nexus 6P and Galaxy S7 for use on Republic Wireless right now.

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T-Mobile now has more than 100 Binge On video providers

T-Mobile's Binge On unlimited streaming feature was controversial when it first launched, but the carrier quickly added toggles to turn it on and off. That seems to have quelled the uprising, allowing the data-conscious to enjoy all those free bits. Today, T-Mobile has announced that Binge On supports more than 100 streaming partners.

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Google adds Emergency Location Service to Android, rolling out first in the UK and Estonia

You may be wary of making your location available to apps and services on Android, but that uneasiness goes away in an emergency situation. If you call emergency services, you want them to know exactly where you are, and now Android has the tools to make that happen. Well, if you live in the UK or Estonia. Those are the first two countries with support for the new Emergency Location Service.

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AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Google offer free calls and texts to France following Nice attack

These posts are never fun to write, and we've been writing a lot of them lately. Odds are you've heard about the attack in Nice, France that took place several hours ago. I won't recount the specifics, but at times like this all the backbiting among the big US wireless companies stops. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile have all announced free calls and texts to France so those with loved ones in the region can check in. Google is also waving fees for calls to Nice on its various platforms.

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The revamped My Verizon app is live in the Play Store

There are plenty of annoying things about carriers in general and Verizon in particular. The craptastic mobile app is one of them, but it's somewhat less terrible today. The revamped My Verizon app announced alongside the new plans yesterday is now available for download.

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Verizon makes new plans and mobile app official—oh, and 'Safety Mode' throttling will cost you $5 per month

The new Verizon plans leaked recently have been made official, and they are roughly what we expected. Verizon is boosting data caps, but it's also going to be charging you more money. The new mobile app will apparently make it easier to manage your plan and bills as well. Speaking of your bills, you'll have the option of paying Verizon extra money every month to throttle your connection to 128Kbps... seriously.

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