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Huawei will launch its first-ever flagship on a major carrier in the US next year with AT&T

Huawei has grown in recent years to become one of the largest smartphone makers in China, and it's been expanding across the globe with a variety of unlocked phones. To be successful selling phones in the US, you need to work with carriers, and that's what Huawei is going to do. According to The Information, Huawei will team up with AT&T to launch a flagship phone in 2018.

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T-Mobile plans to start 600MHz rollout this summer

We learned a few months ago that T-Mobile spent big in the FCC's recent 600MHz spectrum auction. The carrier dropped $7.99 billion on the spectrum licenses, which it has now officially been granted. It's wasting no time putting them to use. T-Mobile says it will begin rolling 600MHz coverage out to select markets over the summer.

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Verizon launches cheaper prepaid plans with data caps as high as 10GB

Verizon used to be one of the most expensive carriers no matter what sort of service you had. However, Big Red has been easing back on the cost lately. Even its prepaid plans are getting reasonable. There's already an $80 unlimited prepaid option, and beginning June 6th there will be some better tiered plans to go with it.

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T-Mobile's DIGITS number sharing service rolls out on May 31st

T-Mobile announced a beta test for its DIGITS service last year, and at long last the beta is over. DIGITS will roll out to all subscribers on May 31st, and it's free to use with your current mobile number. If you want multiple numbers (or DIGITS as T-Mobile insists on calling them), that'll cost you $10 per month.

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T-Mobile announces 'Premium Device Protection Plus' for $15 per month

Time was you could pay a few bucks per month for phone insurance through your carrier and that was the end of it. Now, there are a myriad of different tiers with varying costs based on the phone you use. Yikes. T-Mobile is adding to the confusion today with a new device insurance tier called Premium Super Pro Protection Plus Extreme. I'm kidding, but the real name is only slightly less ridiculous—Premium Device Protection Plus.

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Play Store adds carrier billing for Tele2 in the Netherlands, Smartfren in Indonesia, VIP in Croatia, and more


The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus officially launch today

Today is the big day for Samsung—the Galaxy S8 is officially launching after being leaked and speculated about for months. The Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are available at all major carriers and from various electronics retailers. They'll set you back a pretty penny, though.

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Sprint unveils the new Unlimited Freedom plan pricing, still a limited time promo

After I thought the whole slew of new unlimited data plans from all the carriers had subsided, Sprint is back again with some more news. Like before, this seems like the best deal of the bunch on the surface (if Sprint's network coverage in your area is good). However, the pricing you'll see in the graphic below is a limited time promotional deal — meaning that the price climbs after a certain time. Oh, and it's only available to new customers.

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[Update: It's live] T-Mobile announces free, automatic scam call blocking

We've all been there—an unfamiliar number appears on your caller ID and you wonder if it's a scammer offering to lower your bills by a zillion dollars or send you on a totally legit free vacation. T-Mobile subscribers are about to get a little more peace of mind when phone calls come in. The carrier is set to roll out network-level technology to identify and block scam calls, and there's no added cost for customers.

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AT&T adds free HBO to its Unlimited Plus wireless plan

AT&T was rightly hammered for its first attempt to respond to the new wave of unlimited plans a few months ago—it simply wasn't competitive. After a few tweaks, AT&T's offering is in-line with what's offered by other carriers. Now, AT&T is sweetening the deal with free HBO for those subscribing to its more expensive unlimited plan.

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