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AT&T Offering Device Insurance Open Enrollment Now Through April 30th

Device insurance is a contentious issue—it's expensive, and you probably won't ever need it. However, if you do destroy or lose a phone, you'd probably much rather pay an insurance deductible than buy a new device. If you like to play it safe, AT&T has open enrollment for insurance now through April 30th.

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[Updated: T-Mobile] Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, And US Cellular Say They Will Carry The LG G5 In The US, Vodafone Joins Them In The UK

The G5 has just been announced by LG in Barcelona prior to the start of Mobile World Congress. During the press conference, LG didn't clarify the price, availability countries, or dates of its new quirky modular flagship, but the details are starting to surface right now.

In the US, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint said they plan to carry the LG G5. We're still waiting on an official confirmation from T-Mobile, but it will likely offer the phone as well.

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Verizon Now Offering Extra 2GB Of Monthly Data For Upgrading Or Activating An XL Or XXL Data Plan

Verizon is continuing to tweak its offerings to better compete with the upstart T-Mobile, this time offering bonus data for anyone who signs up for its larger data plans. For a limited time, you can get 2GB of extra data each month when you sign up for the XL or XXL data buckets. If you've got more than one phone on your account, they each earn the bonus 2GB.

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T-Mobile Adds Amazon Video, WWE, And More To Binge On—Plus You Can Now Manage Binge On Via Dialer Shortcodes

T-Mobile has been busy defending Binge On since it launched, but it's still aggressively expanding the service. T-Mobile subscribers on qualifying plans can now get unlimited streaming data from more providers (over 40 now), and managing Binge On is now possible with dialer shortcodes. The carrier is also taking this opportunity to tell us again how much more video people are watching with Binge On.

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John Legere Apparently Thinks If He Explains Binge On To You One More Time You'll Agree It's Awesome

Okay, dummy. John Legere has been explaining Binge On to you for days, and you still don't agree with him that it's the best thing since sliced bread? Well, he's just going to tell you about Binge On again using the exact same words he's been using so far. These words are available on the T-Mobile newsroom site, where he can carefully craft an expletive-free message and apologize to the EFF.

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AT&T Will Stop Offering 2-Year Phone Contracts On January 8th [Update]

AT&T has sent out an internal communique to employees today that signals a change in the way the carrier sells devices. It's getting with the times and ditching the two-year contracts that used to be standard for the US wireless industry. The change happens on January 8th, so you'll want to hurry if you were planning to get a phone on contract for some reason.

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Eleven More Streaming Services Added To T-Mobile Music Freedom Including TuneIn Premium

T-Mobile announced a big expansion to its Music Freedom deal today with 11 more streaming services. That means you won't use any of your data allotment to listen to these 11 services, some of which you might even have heard of. Really, most of them are pretty obscure. Good on T-Mobile for keeping Music Freedom open, I guess.

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Sprint Launches 'LTE Plus' Network With Limited Time Offer For 50% Discount On Other Carriers' Rates

Sprint has been struggling to remain competitive in the face of big consumer-friendly initiatives from T-Mobile and the continued dominance of AT&T and Verizon. Now, the carrier is announcing a new revamp of its LTE network called LTE Plus, and it's celebrating with steep discounts for a limited time.

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SoftBank Plans To Cut Thousands Of Jobs At Sprint, Saving At Least $2 Billion Annually

Things haven't been looking up for Sprint ever since the rumored T-Mobile merger failed to happen. There's a new CEO and the carrier has been slashing prices, but it continues to lose cash. Now, Sprint's Japanese parent company SoftBank has announced plans to cut several thousand jobs at Sprint in order to reduce costs.

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BlackBerry Commits To Monthly Android Security Patches For The Priv

The recent Stagefright vulnerability in Android led to new expectations for security patches. Google, Samsung, and LG have all said they will work to get monthly security updates out to users, and now Android newcomer BlackBerry is doing the same. The company says buyers of the Priv can expect to get monthly patches, but there are a few caveats.

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