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SoftBank Plans To Cut Thousands Of Jobs At Sprint, Saving At Least $2 Billion Annually

Things haven't been looking up for Sprint ever since the rumored T-Mobile merger failed to happen. There's a new CEO and the carrier has been slashing prices, but it continues to lose cash. Now, Sprint's Japanese parent company SoftBank has announced plans to cut several thousand jobs at Sprint in order to reduce costs.

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BlackBerry Commits To Monthly Android Security Patches For The Priv

The recent Stagefright vulnerability in Android led to new expectations for security patches. Google, Samsung, and LG have all said they will work to get monthly security updates out to users, and now Android newcomer BlackBerry is doing the same. The company says buyers of the Priv can expect to get monthly patches, but there are a few caveats.

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T-Mobile Announces 4G LTE CellSpot Personal Cell Tower, Free To Simple Choice Subscribers With A $25 Deposit [Update]

T-Mobile is planning to unveil a new phase of its Uncarrier program next week, but in the meantime, it's revamping Uncarrier 7 from last year. In case you're not keeping count, that was the CellSpot Router. Now, T-Mobile is adding the 4G LTE CellSpot to its lineup. This mini cell tower plugs into your internet to provide a bubble of T-Mobile LTE coverage for up to 16 simultaneous voice/data sessions. It's also kind of free.

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Sprint Announces New $20 'Unlimited' Plan That Throttles To 2G Speeds After 1GB

Sprint has been struggling to keep subscriber numbers up over the last few years, and the collapse of the rumored T-Mobile merger didn't do anything to help matters. The carrier has tried all manner of plan incentives to attract customers (Framily, anyone?), but now it's fiddling with the definition of "unlimited." Sprint's new unlimited plan is only $20 per month... as long as you consider 2G data unlimited.

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T-Mobile Is Also Working On A System To Share One Number Across Multiple Devices

In case you haven't noticed, T-Mobile really likes to antagonize AT&T. Only hours after AT&T announced its upcoming NumberSync service, T-Mobile let everyone know that it too is working on such a system. Apparently T-Mobile's will be better, not that either of them exist yet for us to verify that.

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AT&T Plans Service To Let Multiple Devices Share A Single Phone Number

AT&T is almost ready to launch a new feature that ties together multiple devices under one phone number. The feature is currently called NumberSync, and the carrier expects it to launch on a single device (weird) very soon. More devices will launch later this year, making the feature actually useful.

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AT&T Customer Emails CEO To Make Suggestion, Gets Response From AT&T Lawyer Telling Him To Keep His Ideas To Himself

Did you know that if you email T-Mobile's John Legere you can actually get a reply from the CEO's staff or even John himself? This is decidedly not the case with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. In the latest PR blunder for the carrier, a customer who emailed Stephenson with a few suggestions was shut down by AT&T's chief intellectual property counsel. Yes, AT&T lawyer'd their own customer for sending an email.

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[Update: Installment Pricing] The Nexus 5X And Nexus 6P Are Compatible With Project Fi And All Major US Carriers

As if there was any doubt, both the LG Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus 6P, introduced today at Google's yearly Nexus event, will be compatible with Project Fi. That makes them just the second and third phones (after the Nexus 6 from last year) to be available on Google's combination Wi-Fi/LTE mobile virtual network, which uses both the T-Mobile and Sprint networks as a backbone. Fi switches rapidly between T-Mobile, Sprint, and Wi-Fi (VOIP) for data and calls, and that little extra functionality means that conventional smartphones need not apply.

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T-Mobile Expands Simple Global Coverage To 20 More Countries And Destinations

Should you step across an international border, most carriers seize the opportunity to nickle and dime you into oblivion, but T-Mobile has a different take on things. Simple Global makes most services free or very cheap in supported countries, and the carrier is adding 20 more locations to the program today. Remember, this is only for Simple Choice postpaid customers, no prepaid subscribers need apply.

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T-Mobile's Lifetime Coverage Guarantee Lets You Leave The Carrier But Keep Your Phone Lease Active

T-Mobile is announcing a new program today that replaces the popular T-Mobile Test Drive offer. Starting on September 12th, you can sign up for a JUMP On Demand plan and T-Mobile won't penalize you if you decide to leave. You can even keep the leased phone to use on other carriers if you continue making payments on it.

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